Tuesday, June 3, 2008

catch up.

I've been slacking on the blog. I know.
Remind me to thank Jamalcom for reminding me of it.
Here are some things to hold you while i conjur up an entry.
new piece.

city love.
picture arms encasing me
perfect fitlong arms and legs laced with him
we knot together perfectly
like laces onuntouchable dunks
im in this funk
but he snaps me out of it
i want lattes to meet lips
behind book pages we kiss
flip, next chapter
mission impossible
i suppose after this
we could put letters
behind numbers
we could PDA on the 5 Train
utter syllables holding rails to keep our balance
well, im holding you
and i dont mind falling
pose metaphors as sneaks squeek on wet pavement
rain always prompts
or it in motion
like you and i
see eye to eye
and lip to lip
pelvis to hip
slow grind we make magic with our jeans on
fiends gone
it's all straight shot from here on
i want your high
inside me
inject my sugar and spice
with whatever makes your
i turn heroine
you be my hero
bodega orders
corners surround
no sounds just us
and the slapping of dominoes
smell of heineken
and language
i want to rock you like materialism
wear your heart on my shoulder
for everyone to see
that our soul belongsto we
not you to me
no titles
just put my foot down's
and bitch i wish you would's
we are one
no mathematics
just understand that all entities equal us
and as your eyes roam the city
thinking of how many stops to go
tongue graces your lips
we could catch the four
your fingertips trace this subway map
trying to contemplate just how far
it was then
i realized
i'll go anywhere you are.

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