Wednesday, July 16, 2008


i should be sleeping.
however i've been struggling at the notion of shaking insomnia.
it's quite addictive actually.
i get so many things done during the night that i tend to forget to do during the day.
its rewarded me with a new job, which i've come to care for deeply.
i'm a drama and poetry instructor/camp counselor at a day camp for ages 7-13.
the kids can make you quite tiresome, however their smiles inspire poetry..i swear.
i've even written one child a piece that i'll blog later.

today a counselor asked a young girl to use her inside voice.
i could tell she was having trouble keeping her voice down.
at 6, this little girl, has base and boom in her, like many female poets i know.
and i had to imagine what would i have become if Mr. Bowman (my english teacher)
hadn't told me that, having a deep voice, and being a bit louder didn't make me any different
it would allow the world to remember that i was there.
not wanting to counter the authority of the other counselor,
i simply told the girl that her voice was beautiful and it was okay to use her inside voice
just never lose the outside one.

little peapods
with sonic boom.

such metaphors.

gotta love it.

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