Monday, August 25, 2008


poem for destiny.

Destiny is six
With eyes that sparkle like the sun
Hair that springs up around her head
Like its rays
She is loud and vibrant
And even though other counselors
Ask her to use her inside voice
I pray she’ll never lose the outside
She is a peapod
With sonic boom
Blasting her range
To hit the eardrums
Of listeners
I promise you
She’ll tap them with beats that you’ve never heard before
Girls got base
I remember answering the phone at her age
And people thinking I was my older brother
Fought with the little girl inside of me
Clawing my voice box to get out
Little did she know that with
Every scratch
She made me deeper
In mind and in soul
Mommy told me great women
Had thunder like me
Played me tapes of Billie holiday
And Simone’s of Nina
Angels marked Maya
She’d say, “Erica their beautiful, just like you”
So now I boom box knowledge
Off stages in perfect stance
Create gestures with my hands
For emphasis, I plan
To spit this
Poem for every little girl to understand
That they can reach feminism before puberty
Scream loud little one
As you break from the womb
Life will give you wounds
But we’ll wound them with words
You can be whatever you like
Just don’t ever tame
Use them for promise
For speech
For love
Or for fame
Just promise
Before you echo off mountain tops
Through Sahara sands
And green grass plains
You’ll stay true to your name.
Be. Destiny.

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