Friday, October 24, 2008


I teach a colliegates workshop on Friday's in our school's union.

We have a pretty fun time developing group pieces and performing one another. The bond is absolutely dope and i hope it stays that way. Next year, in Las Vegas they will be hosting a huge slam like they do every year, (in a different place), where college students will spit their hearts out against each other for a top title.
Moving on...and speaking of moving babe finally moved! Yay! You know what this means? Alone time. *big smile*
I also STILL haven't decided what i want to do for my 21st which is a month away. Yet, i have decided that I WILL be with Fatboy when the clock strikes twelve!
On my way to NYC tonight. Have the SUNY Oswego show to do on Sunday and my grandmother's 80th on Saturday...
But i'll be back to the blog come Monday.

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Positiph Lola said...

wow that sounds dope!! let me know when your vegas shindig is I'd love to come out and support.