Thursday, October 23, 2008

lupEND & me.

I am officially a writer of the LupEnd BLOG!

As you all know i'm a HUGE Lupe FIasco Fan and i invite you all to read this blog on a regular basis.

Here's what it entails:
"We are here to have some fun and to bring you all the latest news and everything else you need to know about Lupe and the whole FNF crew.Follow us and Lupe on the journey from "The Cool" to his next album "lupEND" and beyond.You can be a part of this blog...feel free to send us your photos, stories, videos, fan-art, concert reviews or whatever else you might want to share..."

-By: SeanTheRobot-
Owner and Founder of the Blog



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Michael DeAntonio said...

I gave you a little shout out. Hope you don't mind.