Sunday, November 23, 2008

21st extravaganza.

(pic....taken on 21st b-day)
sry i havent been updating!
life's been hectic.
birthday. school. thanksgiving. love life.
i decided to spend my 21st in NYC...i figured...what the heck...spending it with family and friends is far better than spending it alone.
want so see the extravanganza for yourself:
Click for Part 1 of the Fun:
Click for Part 2 of the Fun:

special thanks to:
The Westin Hotel in Times Square, France Origine Nightclub, BBQ's, Auntie Anne's Pretzels, The Liquor Store on 42nd, Dave and Busters, Chris Morales' HU Open Mic, Oveous Maximus and Tshaka, Source and Roosevelt Field Mall in LI, Mcdonalds, Century Buffet, The China Bus, Bloo, Blue, Daniboo, and Devin.