Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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phone conversations:
(deciphering the real from the fake)
throughout my teenage life, I've had many these (^) with varied personalities.
good conversation.
the men i have chosen to be significant parts of my life cannot, and will not, lack this characteristic. real conversationalists can communicate extensively and intently anywhere, yes that's right, even within the confines a text message. if you fail to spark my intellect or intrigue me, you aren't worthy of my time. the social aspect of our lives deems most important, well to me at least. the 30 second "I'll be there soon' conversations. the "hey...(silence here)...what you doing?" conversations. the "hey hold on a sec i have to pee right quick" conversations. and even the midnight till the sun rises conversations. (particularly for me: the "listen to this poem i wrote right quick" conversation.) they shape our lives dramatically, whether we know it or not.

the midnight talks are the best. when my significant other's day is done, i enjoy hearing sighs of relief that they are now within the comfort of my voice. it's as if stress seems to vanish between the phone connection, a sort of reunion perhaps. ahhh, be honest, you know what I'm talking about! they tell you things that bother them about their co-workers, the dream they had the night before, and the events that have humored them along the way. it feels good to know that they are completely relaxed with you. wrapped in sheets, lights off, phone lying on your face. long distance relationships? people you can't see too often? too tired to come over? a good phone conversation has the habit of bridging that gap. it might even be the high point of your day. i don't know about you, but I'm absolutely sure 9pm was a good time for minutes to break their shackles and become free.

p.s.-that's a throwback pic lol.


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