Monday, December 22, 2008

the bird. (poem 10 of the 30/30)

(For the 20th of December)
my first kiss
was under the maple tree in the school yard
of my elementary years
although i was in high school at the time
his first name that of the zodiac
my adolescent mind deemed him a God
it was horrible
lips dry, chapped
he moving his tongue in all the wrong places
it wasn't supposed to feel like this
under the stars
wind blowing our eyelashes
15 year old pupils searched for fireworks
he, hand up my shirt, only searching for my training bra
he asked me if i was ready for base three
i giggled
realizing why God made love a four letter word
after counting its spelling on your fingers
you have one left
to express your goodbye's.



Little Miss Knobody said...

I really like this....

Ziggy Za. said...

Ahh, first kisses.
Don't they almost always suck? Sheesh.