Thursday, December 11, 2008

broad-en. (poem 1 of the 30/30)

she slapped her thighs
caressed them
"they came out of nowhere over the summer"
she tells him
"everything is different now"
her eyes trace his expression
is he taking the bait?
tighter jeans, glossed lips
this has got to be it
she explains she used to be a nerd
maybe she doesn't know she still is
conformed to fit
into stereotypes of he's and his
her suggestive hands
become trigger pullers
at the back of her throat
she regurgitates common sense, virtue, and chastity
vulnerable, her nervousness trickles through
the goosebumps on her skin
her sweat reeks beauty
grit of teeth grinds perfection
twiddling of thumbs, symmetry
everything that exposes her is distant from the ugly lie
that she tells
licks her lips over
tastes the abuse of "men"
who said she'd never be good enough
imprints of palms can be found
at the back of her mane
echoes of thrusts resound
at her temple
low herself
esteemed, obliged, welcomed neglect
someone needs to tell her that
valentines aren't found in folded hearts
but rather, folded legs and open mind
slap your thighs baby girl
hit them hard, so that they redden
like his blushed cheeks filled with
all the wrong intentions
so hard, that the pain reminds you
of broken heart...
so hard, that when he gets hard, you won't be so inclined
to fulfill his needs.


*yes i've officially started the 30/30! lets go :)*


Ziggy Za. said...

Damn! That was dope!
I know I just used a verb to describe your piece, but slang was the first thing that came to mind.

You do such a great job at making readers paint mental pictures with each line. Seriously.

bkashawna said...

i dig this poem. nice job. and its def the truth.