Wednesday, December 24, 2008

edu-tainment? (i think not)

I attended a Christmas Show at an elementary school yesterday of a family member. The children, decked out in their. navy and light blue uniforms bobbed up and down and sang. carols for their parents who were less than interested. Not only were the performances shoddy, but the kids had the angriest faces. They were not enjoying their performance in the least bit. Their teachers, adorned in "unprofessional" wear sat in the audience, looking at their watches, waiting for the 3 o' clock dismissal. As a parent, I would be highly concerned with the type of dedication the educators were giving to my child's creative experience.

"Riva, come on, their only five to ten years old, can you really expect much from them?"

Yes. In fact, I do. I mean, I know EVERYONE is not talented. Yet, if no one handed me a notebook and a *cough* RSVP Medium Point Pen, and encouraged me to write, this blog would cease to exist. From Ms. Mann in 2nd grade, who gave us journals to express how we felt about one another without confrontation. (Mind you, I wrote a real disrespectful letter in it to her after she gave me detention. Horrid Woman. She checked it, and made me write it over 10 times. HAHA. @ least she knew I thought she was a bitch...Oh yeah...where were we?) And Mr. Bowman who read every poem I'd ever written in high school, and entered me in any writing contest he could find. I'd been writing poetry since age seven, and every stitch of my elementary years made an influential impact on my future.

There was this one little girl though, who could BLOW, the tiniest thing. I gave her a standing ovation ALONE, while everyone else looked on, bored, anticipating the cold walk home to their warm houses. (Birds.)

You see those Sears (I think its Sears) commercials that depict LL Cool J (turntables), or some other celebrity receiving something as a child, and it impacting their life? Well this holiday, new years, b-day, or JUST BECAUSE...I ask that you give a child a Karaoke set, Musical Instrument, Sketchpad, Journal, Athletic Equipment, A BOOK (for christ sake, children don't see enough of those anymore) or anything that will help lay pavement for another path in life for them.

And to the teachers, a little more time and effort? Eh? Maybe more than a little. A LOT. I mean, I'm undergrad, and worked w/ elementary age kids this summer, and we put on a Harlem Renaissance/Hip Hop Show. A little more then uniforms and bouncing? Thank you.


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Ziggy Za. said...'re telling me I shouldn't get Lil Mike Mike a PS3, even though he can't read past or up to his 5th grade reading level? Damn!

LOL, in all seriousness, I hope you're one of the few to pass along real gems to your children, instead of material man-made b/s. More books!