Monday, December 15, 2008

for elizabeth cary. (poem 5 of the 30/30)

(from her voice)

i am catholic
my husband, lord deputy to Ireland; 1622
persecuting my own
stress in our marriage was long overdue

three years later separated
me, no longer to profess who i am
confined to my room for six weeks
my 11 children were stripped from me
and my Henry...he who's mother bound and shackled me
he who left me lonely
he who withdrew financial support from me
left me in poverty

and it was during this time my world grew darker
black ink soared from my pen
as it did from the day I was born
Henry and I reconciled 2 years before his death
me, six years after, i was worn
eleven pieces my soul left in distance places; torn
i didn't only die an estranged mother, wife and unacknowledged writer
but, a woman scorned.

*Elizabeth Cary; one of my favorite English (British) literature writers, lived a tormented life. She died, the scorned wife of a man who persecuted Catholics by death, the daughter in law of a horrid woman, and her children orphaned before their time. (Mind you she was Catholic) She writes an excellent play which parallels a metaphor of her very own life. It's called "The Tragedy of Mariam; Queen of the Jewry" and is based from Josephus' Antiquities of the Jews; which elaborates the stories from our very (christian) bibles.*

yeah yeah...might be boring to you...yet im an English can't help it!



CraigJC said...

Those words moved me.

Michael DeAntonio said...

That was a wonderful poem.

riva. said...

thankyou guys :)

ChocLitLuvJoi said...

Not boring @ all. Spread the knowledge!