Sunday, December 21, 2008

perspectives. (poem 6,7,8 of the 30/30)

(poems meant for the 16,17,18th of December)

of the bird.
they become my prey
while i am the predator
wriggling to "safety"

of the person watching.
he is relentless
beak perched for morning delight
the worm knows his fate

of the morning meal.
i am not afraid
carrying on the food chain
is what i live for

*written from a "prompt" from, the writer magazine, you can find on any B&N bookshelf.
this month they had 60 writing prompts from writers to help you craft works when you have the BLOCK. hehe. this prompt was:

A bird perched on a wire, looking for its morning meal. Write from the bird's perspective, without mentioning that you're a bird. Next, describe the same bird looking for its morning meal, only from the perspective of a person watching the bird. Finally, write from the perspective of the morning meal but don't mention the bird.

I decided to do it with 3 haikus instead of just description. Which i'll also cheat and add as the next three poems of the 30/30 lol.

got the block?

  • here are a few of the writing prompts for you try:
  • spend five minutes describing:
  • being trapped under a saggy mattress from a dead body
  • a crime you wished you comitted but lacked the courage for
  • a good deed that backfires
  • an amusement park with an odd theme; focus on a particular ride
  • a chair in terms of a lover ("I draped myself over his arm....")
  • A recipe that triggers a vivid memory

(from the writers mag; vol. 122; issue 1; page 29; "tantalizing warm-ups")


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