Sunday, December 21, 2008

pure. (poem 9 of the 30/30)

(for the 19th of December)
she wakes me
just before the crack of dawn
to tell me her dreams
lips moving like the wings of butterflies
i wait for them to flap me heart shaped stories
her dreads
dangling beneath my nose
tickle my intake of her smell
she reeks of happiness
contagious smiles
tongues playing at midnight
fingers in belly buttons
feet grazing each other just enough to feel a spark
she ignites a side of me
nonexistent in the sunrise
but clearly visible at night
she follows the path of my drunken footsteps in the moonlight
one anothers shadow
we play with noons
my long hand through her short
we finger lock time
and lifelines
and love
toes wriggling in my lap
kissing her arches
i realize
my flat feet are jigsaw to hers
we were made to walk side by side
allow me a lifetime to prove it to you.

*written for my boy to give to his girl. he shared his experiences and i wrote a poem for their anniversary from them.*

1 comment:

BlueBelle said...

I like this poem, a lot. Hmmm...makes me think.

'She woke me up to tell me her dreams
Lips moving like the wings of butterflies...

Something like that, right?? Its dope.
That's untainted love.