Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"reflection" of troubled youth. (poem 11 of the 30/30)

(For the 21st of december)
I used to be afraid of me
Prismed in glass
She laughed at my false perfection
"Don't forget your insecurities"
She'd yell, as I'd left to walk school hallways
She made faces through the glass in classroom doors
Mocked me in the windows during lessons
Danced in the gym mirrors (jiggled actually)
I broke her the month before college
Battered her with the names I learned from the boys at school
Tears adorned the broken glass
I would no longer allow her to cut me
Assured her I'd do it on my own from now on
And she had no choice but to believe me
For she could no longer see me on
The other side.


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