Tuesday, December 30, 2008

spin a soft black song. (poem 20 of the 30/30)

(taken @ Prince George's Plaza's Urban Bookstore in MD)

Encourage your childs
Faces on things they play with
Show them we exist.

I started reading at three. Obsessed with the concept of books, I couldn't own enough. My mother was delighted at my new found hobby until I started to complain.

"Mommy I'm not in the book."

I yelled and fussed at a frustrated parent who couldn't make sense of what I meant. On a quest to find some enlightenment on the situation my mother searched bookstores until she came across, "Spin a Soft Black Song" by Nikki Giovanni. A poetry book with a little girl and boy on the cover of african american descent. Looking back at all the caucasian and cartooned themed literature she'd bought for me to read she now understood my claim. Bringing home the white paper, bounded by a blue and purple cover, I looked at the little brown girl with pigtails and a toothy smile that I so frequently wore and said,

"Hey Mommy, she looks like me!"


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