Wednesday, December 24, 2008

toy stories and such.

So, I'm in Target, Christmas shopping w/ a childhood friend and we're in the toy section. We were looking for a decent baby doll, two days before Christmas which is almost impossible. I suddenly take a decent look at some of these toys and realize that children of the 80's and 90's were deeply deprived, based upon what the kids today are getting for the holidays.

Forget the baby doll! There was a whole set of dolls "barbie-ish" (but not Mattel), called "The Hearts Club". It was like 9 dolls in one case, Barbie Size!!!! For 15 bucks? Barbie ALONE, back in my day was $15. Let's not mention Polly Pocket who had all the flyest places to go. Mini malls, houses, pools? (Actually we WILL mention her) While Polly was the size of my pinkie fingernail, I had huge places for her to go and NO POLLY. Her small ass was under the carpet nowhere to be found until I moved to the suburbs at age ten. Well Polly "Pocket" is now the size of my hand, baby dolls have motion sensors, Monopoly has 1,000 different themes, the easy bake oven ACTUALLY bakes, (I was tired of eating cookie dough when the lightbulb couldn't cook it) and Diego just won't sell. Sorry, Dora the Explorer clearly still rocks, because his behind was ALL on the shelf and she was GONE. Lol. Poor Diego. (No, Diego, No) Speaking of which, this is sooo off topic, but when are Nick or Disney putting out an African-American cartoon. The Caucasians (CLEARLY), Hispanics (Are Dora and Diego Mexican?), Asians (Hello Kitty, Anime etc.) are covered. Where are we? Don't you dare bring up Little Bill, half the crap he learns on that show, he should know by that age. Clearly he's retarded. The PJ's, Waynehead, Boondocks? Hilarious as shit. But can we get a wholesome "black" cartoon for the kiddies, please? (Especially since the Mcnugget commercial is bringing us down. Come on ppl, let's let the chicken stereotype go.)

Back to the topic at hand.....

Hmmmm...Where were we? Ahhh...Toys. Well it seems as if they have revolutionized the toy industry for the children of the millennium, and I'll admit I'm kind of jealous. However, Wii's, iPod touch's, PS 3's, XM Radio, MacBook's and every other electronic that rocks, are our TOYS....and I guess that's where the balance comes in. Enjoy your nine dolls my dearies. I'll enjoy my laptop, blackberry, iPod, digital camera, bluetooth, GPS, 6 disc CD changer in the car, car chargers, and the CAR! The nine things that make my life a little bit easier. *smile here* Speaking of nine and numbers and stuff. 7 pounds was slow, and weird. (ie. The commercial)
But that's a whole other entry.



Ziggy Za. said...

"Don't you dare bring up Little Bill, half the crap he learns on that show, he should know by that age. Clearly he's retarded."

LMFAO. Pretty much! I miss Gullah Gullah Island.
And that McDonald's commercial is almost as bad as the "You betta don't!" chicken selects commercial that no one seems to remember. It really pisses me off that people find these commercials funny.

Majik1987 said...

Lmao. I love the random topics. Had me craxking up. And ditto on what Ziggy said. Fuck that McDonald's commercial. It still upsets me to see it.