Monday, January 5, 2009

freedom. (poem 21 of the 30/30)

took the image of this piece in the suburbs of D.C.
(University Park, MD)

The world stood still
As a black girl with swinging dreads
Held the hands of one with peach skin and blond hair
Dancing nine year old lips to tunes
They’d learned from their flat screen TV’s

Times have changed
Where black Nana’s can see a day in the suburbs
Place their cobblers on safe windowsills
As their next generations play with the neighbors
Pick a neighbor
Any neighbor

Black, white, blue or yellow
Their multicolored jackets played with the wind
As they swooshed their way home
Streetlights no longer a reminder
As much as the smell of freedom
in the air.

(for the 31st of December)

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OB said...


I absolutely love your blog ma.

& that picture is amazing!


ps. thanks for reading me too