Wednesday, January 21, 2009

greyhound. (obama day aftermath)

Besides Moms Mabley taking 3/4 of the seat, the old white man behind me who's exclaiming to the young african american teen his discovery of Beyonce, and the little three year old boy in front of me who says "house" every time he sees one on a highway FULL of residencies; the Greyhound is...(cynical comment here).

Why am I taking the Greyhound if I drive, you ask? Good Question. I got into an accident sitting at a red light; while Papi Drunk(I'm hispanic; I can be judgemental) hits me dead on in the back...which forced me to hit someone else in front of me. Although it just came down to a game of bumper cars; (as the MD police called it; who failed to see the drunkeness of Papi) my car decides to MALFUNCTION. My insurance company towed it away to a mechanic nearby; yet unfortunately I can't afford to miss class during my senior year. make a long story LONG...that's why I'm here.

The rush of being in the nations capital during one of the most historic days was a tremendous feeling. From the folks walking down a shutdown I-395 to black and white faces with Obama buttons adorning their jackets; I was proud. Despite the ice cold weather and amazing lines to get onto the metro; we united yesterday to show that we are more than JUST the minority. We were MAJORITY on 1/20/09.

And I believe I am feeling what they call motion sickness, because of the jerking of the bus and my typing....I'll have pictures and a couple of posts later.....right now...I need to push Moms Mabley off me.



Ziggy Za. said...

Well...glad you're alright after extreme bumper cars.

Hope Moms doesn't smother you before you get back.

AZscorsese said...

The word irregardless reminds me of ppl who say "The Most Jority" instead of saying Majority =P I KID!!

Anyhoo, looking past what sounds like a miserable Greyhound ride, you make a very tremendous point in saying that we became and have become the majority on Inauguration Day & thereafter.

And most notably for me, it is so refreshing to see youth taking pride in a leader of color who didn't have to pick up a microphone or a basketball to gain such reverence and respect.

riva. said...

Indeed Az! Nice perspective....

I still think there should have been a rapper for the inaugural celebration. LOL.


Namond said...

im jealous you got to go. butttt im glad atleast one of us got to see history made.