Monday, January 26, 2009

in honor of Dennis Stuart Hayle (1/25/09).

please read the previous entry to understand the background of this piece....

I spoke to god this morning
Let Alicia Keys’ “nana’s reprise”
Ring through my speakers
Like freedom
As the ceiling and my eyes allied

I told the white wall
“Allow Dennis to rest in peace”
Asked the wall if he’d
Pulled the religion from our youth
If he’s left questions unanswered
To the point where trigger fingers,
Café knives and massacres become the resolve

Sons are shipped home to their mothers
For burial
Not only from Iraq
And Kuwait
But from Greensboro, North Carolina
Whilst tech nine’s spray Virginia
And Au’ Bon Pain stops are deadly

Have we gone mad?
The world tilts for solstice
But we tilt for heaven
Others “pushed” before their time

They vie for change
But I vie for sense
Not for pockets
But for those who pickpocket lives
Those who dismiss light in the darkness
Those who don’t stand a chance
For they are never standing
Just falling….

We grace ten year high school reunions
With people missing
And those we forgot
Time ticking in school gym clocks
The ones who’s clear cases
Reflect our laughter
Our years
Our youth
We will tell memories of children
And most importantly Dennis.



amirah. said...

that was beautiful riv.

may he be protected by God's grace.


Ziggy Za. said...

Beautiful piece, Riv. I'm sure Dennis has a big grin of approval on his face when he heard this.

Amoni said...

Really,really beautiful.
I'm most certain that he is proud of it and you.
It's always tremendously heartbreaking to hear about another life lost,young or old.
I'll keep his family and friends in my prayers.


Unknown said...

Real nice riv...its still shocking to me, Dennis was a good guy.

Charlie Pierce said...

beautiful. Dennis was one of my best Friends...Thanky ou for these words.