Wednesday, January 14, 2009

new years eve on the d.c. metro.

random thought #1.
We walked through the double doors, "doors closing" sounded with the clash of rants from the two males seated on the train. Well actually, one was sprawled across three seats. As we took our own seats they began to decide on who's house they would pilfer a bottle of liquor from before leaving to squander elsewhere. "Let's just go get a bottle from Tony's, then go smoke at Mark's." They talked of bitches, blunts, bills, and balls as the train blurred Ikea's "Embrace Change" ad's based off of Obama's campaign. Their rugged deamenor intimidated the "caucasian" passengers; keeping their wallets and purses at bay, while i laughed at the youth of their conversation.
"Man my mom's said i got to be home at home at midnight."
"How she gonna tell you to come home, your a grown ass man dog!"
"Man she said it, but i ain't going home."
"Oh, word?"
"Matter of fact, I ain't tryna hear her mouth, i just might."
The yellow and blue blurred ad's whirlwinded my eyes alongside the back and forth banter of these two black men. Their resolution's dancing under black lips and drunken breath, i wondered if they knew about change. I wondered if they'd embrace it when the time came.

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