Friday, February 13, 2009

pubescent warrior.

So i've just embarked upon an excellent opportunity, that has to do with the foster children of VA. I'm a counselor working with teenage girls in the system on things such as creative writing, academics, "etiquette" (ehh..), and such. The following piece is derived from my first experience with the girls.

Lola says her birthday
like it's a statistic

the girls from the better neighborhoods
know birthstones
tell us their zodiac signs
call themselves summer-babies
but Lola stays quiet
only speaks when she's spoken to
(preferably during court appearances)


5 for the amount of foster homes that hold her semi-memories
15 for the age she is now
and 94 for the year that won't let her go
even now she feels as if she were still being born

pushed through spaces
not big enough for her and her aspirations
few make it out of Lola's native land
often she is miscarried into
places she doesn't recognize

i promised her
that I'd never lie once about walking in her shoes
but if she let me I'd be more than happy to try them on
and even if i didn't "fit" in,
I'd help her belong
even if she hides her battle scars under long sleeves
and her three week old fetus with her jacket
her bruises with make-up
she believes the entire room is watching
her confidentiality broken
like her invisible virginity
so many times before
i would like to say i can see right through her
yet all i know is what I've read in her file
nothing but pain
tab reads:
(five, fifteen, ninety-four).