Tuesday, February 17, 2009


this was prompted by the ignorant girl in my Carib. lit. class who is against interracial dating.

i too had the same mentality many summer's ago...

I'll admit
i was jealous
of his chocolate
(almost looking like it would melt against your tongue) skin
on her
or her thin pale lips
in the crevice of his own
full and succulent

i guess sometimes
happiness comes swirled
like jell-o pudding
she made his eyes light a fire
that i had not even the match to
and yes...

i was damn jealous
so jealous,
that i scoured his facebook for signs of what had went wrong
something so strong it must have pushed him to step out of the box
contemplating, it then hit me under my sanded skin
like seagull shit on the beach

that he.....l-l-l-l-oved her
after the music interest
mos def and talib kweli
Obama supporter
favorite movie Crooklyn
had canceled out all that

i noticed next to the ample photo albums
fingers interlocked
vacations in the Caribbean
cheeks blushing red like fresh bruises

that she might l-l-l-love him too

there was more than the
damn she stole my man
he must be her swinging Tarzan
type of brother

they loved one another
and they loved hard
HARDER than most of us try to

they'd walked across the Brooklyn Bridge
danced to Salsa on starry nights
and read to each other in Barnes and Nobles
kind of love

while we complain
he needs a nice ride
shake my ass in the club
never read anything but Zane
ain't got much to say
kind of.....love?

we are quick to judge
quick to assess
quick to hold a grudge
quick to CHECK
another woman
and quick to dwell
here's some advice

look around...

step out of your box....


CHECK yourself.


p.s.-ZIGGY your *NEW* layout is FLY, but it won't let me comment. *tear*


Ziggy Za. said...

Ugggggh. HTML coding in Blogger can be a little special sometimes, but I'm working on that whole comment flub right now. ;o( But the layout may be gone...nooooooo!

Now that that's aside...this poem? I would say dope, but I say that for almost everything else I've read of yours. You're such a great storyteller!

Lyrik Marie said...

I sometimes get jealous by interracial couples .. my ex is with a spanish girl now .. I hate hit .. but I can't knock what makes ppl happy .. lover has no color ..

Amber Steez said...

ugh ur the shit. haha. i love my fellow poets.

oh and i can from time to time get jealous of interracial dating too. i mean love as no color. the majority of my family members date outside our race. but it can sometime sting..so i know where ur coming from

Anonymous said...

You are like brilliant...like beyond words...

loved this....*on my way to catch up on your archives*

as far as interracial dating, there used to be that silent question of "Why her?" in my mind, but as Amber said, love has no color and I don't want to limit my love in any kind of way so why would I desire that for anyone else?

Black Muse said...

I love your poetry!

I guess I have struggled with interacial dating in the past. At this point I think you can love anyone... but sometimes I do wonder, just a little. So funny that you posted this today because I just had a conversation with my family about this yesterday.

bkashawna said...

word. im def diggin that shit. =] feel like it should be published in a book and shit. lol. ^5 tho.

Anonymous said...

This Poem Was Great.

Theres Nothing Wrong With Interracial Dating ... Happiness Can't Just Be Contained In Ones Own Race...

OB said...

this so hit home, in MANY ways...

let's talk about this!

long list of things, story's, excesses and what nots

the truth is we are from god and love truly is blind, you may have the taste for something but at the end of the day the heart wants what it wants and there is nothing you can do let alone folks on the outside can do to change it. Love doesn't come in colors, nor race. It is what it is, just love.

all I know is the same looks I get when I walk hand in hand with a beautiful black man is the same looks I give when I see a white female doing the same thing... why is that?!? How and why do I feel more privileged to hold him then she... Are minds can be so tainted, when in reality one race doesn't belong to the same race, each man and women are there own person, color aside, race shouldn't be the issue in matters of the heart.

GL0 said...

a very controversial topic, but u spoke on it well :)

Unknown said...

you're writing is amazing.