Sunday, March 15, 2009


A word that provides ample explanation of how my blog must be feeling. Midterms, Spring Break, Judging Shows, Doing Shows. I've been on the move. Therefore, this entry calls for an extreme update. Midterms went extremely well and I spent my Spring Break parlaying in D.C. and getting my city girl accent back in N.Y.

Now, I'm blogging in a Starbucks, Grande Vanilla Bean Blended Creme and Apple Fritter at my side, laptop beneath my fingertips and journal in my bag next me awaiting the first poem after a serious hiatus. be a poet. Anyway, I caught "Last House on the Left" last night. An amazingly gruesome movie. If that's not your cup of tea, i don't recommend this flick for you. However, if you love suspense and crazy survival tactics, THIS is your kind of picture show. (Did i just say picture show?)

The books I've been flipping the pages of are AWARD winners (no literally):
V.S. Naipaul's Mystic Masseur
(Winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Literature)

and of course the most recent Pulitzer Prize Winner:

Junot Diaz's "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao"

AN INTENSE READ! You have to have MUCH patience for this book. He is the first "fiction" author I've known to use such a massive amount of footnotes. It's well worth the patience to devour such tasty literature.

I refuse to give summaries, I'd love for the masses to take the time out to research and read for yourself.

After the purchase of my new skull candy headsets (tired of those damn blackberry ones) I've had a few mixtapes on constant rotation:

1) Drake's "So Far Gone"

2) Quest's "Distant Travel Into Soul Theory"

3) Asher Roth's "The Greenhouse Effect"

4) Charles Hamilton's "My Brain is Alive"

5) Blu's "Her Favorite Colo(u)r

and so many more.....

For free download search for them @


Anyway....time for me to hit these books...

I promise to be back later! Here's a favorite Youtube moment to hold you:



Anonymous said...

ok, those will be my next two reads...I've been looking out for a good recommendation....I haven't had any pleasure reading moments in almost three weeks which is FOREVER for

Ziggy Za. said...

Well, thanks for hitting me up when you were in D.C.! >:P

I'll be checking those two titles out after I'm finished my reading rampage.

Glad you enjoyed your Spring Break, now get back to the bloggage! Please. :)

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Good songs, I fux with that Nigga Blu these days also.

ME said...

that reminds me, i've been neglecting the book i started reading. i hate when i start books and never finish...too much tv.

ahhh vanilla bean! i'm craving one now!

OB said...

I have all those mixtapes too EARGASM all day long!

ps. glad you found time to post it gets hard i know!

keep doing you first!!