Thursday, May 7, 2009


I was asked to conjure up a piece for Life Health Net's Organ Donor Awareness Month's Event in Hampton,'s the result.

have a heart
not symmetrical
paper red
with fresh cut edges

have a real one
those that Cupid's arrows pierce
beats rapidly
when secrets are whispered on lips
those that drop to the pit of your stomach
when its all said and done

she, is dying to be in love
blood burgundy lips
against pale yellow skin

where the I.V.'s once danced across her arms
and will encore if she relapses

she, will fall in it (love)
at a coffeehouse
behind a bookcase
three miles from the hospital
and one step away from heaven
closeted secrets will
float with the aroma of vanilla
she will bare her soul
while he watches her strip
each layer
and place them in the palm of his hand
along with her fingers

becomes bare feet on benches
tongues coming up for air
sunlight, reflecting on white sheets
and morning goodbyes

and speaking of morning goodbyes

they will find him
mangled with his motorcycle
arms still flung over the handlebars
face unrecognizable

they will find her
ecstatic at the doctor's call
confusion that
there are no rings
before her lover's voicemail
to tell him the good news

she is dying to be in love
under the spell while
the surgeons work their magic
she dreams of him
bright smile; full lips
mouthing the words

have a heart

not symmetrical

construction paper red

with fresh cut edges

have a real one....
or better yet,

have mine.



Whitley said...


for a while now i wasnt able to be in the poetry spirit or even care about a metaphor or a simile ....
this poem made me feel beautiful ....
for some weird akward reason.
but i love this poem.

thank you for this piece

ty said...

i love you. and your writing. it inspires me. like passion does. i'll be writing soon. thank you...and him

i know youre gonna ask lol and im gonna tell you soon

Majik1987 said...

sooooooo, I low key love this poem. And now on a more developmental artistic standpoint let's talk about how you have somehow evolved so beyond your original style that I knew 4 years ago. It could be the Graduation in me just talkin but omg, I think your unrhymed poetry manages to do something entirely new and amazingly separate from some of your older pieces. Anyway, call me back punk!! And post our relationship/Solja Boy/Oprah & Chicken vlogs!!!!!