Monday, June 22, 2009

the erotic slam. literally.

Wow, what can i say about the erotic poetry open mic @ Legends? TRAUMATIC. Yes, in the photo above, that IS whipped cream on the table. Imagine, walking into a dimly lit room with strawberries on every table, candles lit, and good looking people all around. Perfect fantasy huh? Wait, did i forgot to mention the drunk comedian, men sucking on toes, and toys? HA. You don't even want to know. Here are a few flicks to summarize the main events of the night:

Of course, Parle' held it down @ Legends. Kesed, Marcus, and I performed an array of erotic and sensual pieces for the 25 & up crown on Friday night. Mera and of course Kevin were there to kick it too. Kesed with Goddess, Marcus with his famous love pieces, and me with the pieces I'd managed to conjure up, seeing as though i don't really write erotic pieces. The night was a success, the crowd was digging us, the mood was amazing, everything was perfect until......

This comedian (clearly drunk), gets up to tell her out of this WORLD sexual jokes. I don't remember how it happened but something someone said behind me made her turn her attention to me. She thought i made the statement, ran over to our table and proceeded to dance on me! I ran away, hoping my fellow poets would protect me but they were all running too.
Here's proof of Kesed abandoning me right now:
This woman was WILD. She broke a table in the middle of her routine and pulled some hilarious stunts that i dare not mention on my PG-13 blog. (J/k) However, she was pretty funny and we had a GREAT time, all in all, i plan on hitting up the lounge in two weeks for a follow-up performance. I'll keep you updated. :-)

P.S.-My mom was there the whole time. SMH.


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Healingprose said...

Ha. That look on your face. Priceless.

Erotic slam in VA anyone?