Saturday, June 6, 2009


My favorite movie
Involved a little white girl
Super intelligent
Who stacked books into a
Radio flyer and trudged
Home from the library each day
Created magic with her fingertips
And saved the world one bully at a time

But Matilda is no longer on the big screen
She lives right here in Harlem
With those same book titles in her too small bag
With straps that will break on her too fast run
Up the B train ascent
To get to Bryant Park steps

She creates magic with her fingertips
Flipping pages of the greats
Amongst the homeless men and
Working class who stare at her in awe
Bewildered they wonder,
“How can anyone read at a time like this?”

She reads to escape
Her eight year old feet
Tapping to the rhythm
Of a well written sonnet

Making sure there are ten syllables
And in perfect iambic pentameter
With fourteen lines
Like the fourteen stops it takes to get home
153 more to go written by William

She “spears” the “shake”
That youth get when given a book nowadays
Makes much ado about everything
Searching for Romeo’s
On pages written by Juliet’s
Or Hurston
Or Butler
Or any other woman
Who is capable of magic
With her fingertips and a pen

1 comment:

Ziggy Za. said...

Beautiful! I like it even more because Matilda was my shit, too. =)