Tuesday, June 9, 2009

riv's top 10. (right now)

  • the $6 urban outfitters journal's I found at the 99 cents store

  • my cell phone skin and wallet color that prove "burnt orange" is no longer my favorite color

  • the notebook theme for my blackberry

  • the nikon d40x (hence the new photos)

  • bloggers: simonecarlene & childhoodflames

  • those late night conversations with peanut

  • mos def & cool kids new ish

  • the up and coming "hawthorne" w/ jada pinkett

  • people with reggae ringbacks @ 8am that haven't paid their cell phone bill (silence is golden)

  • blocked spam emails that no longer visit my phone @ 3a.m.

1 comment:

firefly said...

which 99 cent store??????? those are mad nice plus theyre soft cover which I love.