Monday, June 22, 2009

summerstage in central park & such.

(all photos taken by Erica "Riva" B....thats me!)

Fresh kicks in the rain; it doesn't get more daring then that. Pre-father's day madness occurred yesterday with ampindelible family and Urban Word NYC. Even though the weather was ugly, we made the best of it. More Flicks! Why, of course! How else am i going to advance in my craft?

The day started with your usual hour and a half ride from L.I. to Harlem with Howard Treadwell and Timothy "Prolific" Jones. Two incredibly cool dudes that I've had the pleasure of linking up with this year on the poetry tip. They introduced me to a vegetarian spot called "Food for Life Supreme", located @ 108 116th Street in Harlem, NYC.

Here's a little food porn for you:
I had the salmon burger (hold the banana peppers), macaroni and cheese and their famous sweet tea. It was all absolutely amazing!

Our next stop was Summerstage where the whole UW family was performing. Carvens Lissaint, Joshua Bennett, Alexis Marie, Ceez, Kayan James, Kiara, Giselle and Jamila all RIPPED it. I swear they make me reminisce. Cirelli (our coach/mentor) was so proud. At summerstage i was also put onto the musical styling of Jennifer John and got to hear one of my favorite poets Stacey Ann Chin! Although the turn out wasn't huge, the energy was amazing. There were artists painting on the stage @ the same time as the acts performed which added extra visual pleasure alongside my already orgasmic auditory experience. Of course the poets (offstage) dance their behinds off and Carvens/Josh even jumped on stage impromptu to perform with Ms. John.

The day ended with some serious debate at the UW office (as usual) and sushi. We even headed over to Parle's Hidden Room event where i judged their adult slam. There's nothing like a bohemian weekend in the core of this apple. I swear.


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Anonymous said...

Wow. What an awesome place to be. I LOVE Stacey Ann Chin!!

Oh, and did you really have to post the pics of the food? I'm too hungry now!