Wednesday, July 29, 2009

do the "new journal" dance! (no really, it exists.)

And surely Blue makes fun of me every time i do it, after purchasing a new journal. :-)
Anyway, I grabbed a new book i found interesting and a journal which was also quite unique. I will not divulge where i got the journal from However, i will tell you that it's specially designed by the graphic design students @ Pratt Institute. The journal is called "The New Age Journal." Of course it would be, decorated by technology and futuristic signs. This makes journal three-hundred eighty....oh,who cares, i lost count. It's part of the family now & that's all that matters. :-)
The new book i purchased, accompanied by my new journal above, is by Michelle Richmond and it's called "No One You Know."
Here's a small piece of the review by Publishers Weekly:

"Twenty years ago, Ellie Enderlin's sister, Lila, a mathematical prodigy, was
murdered, and Andrew Thorpe, Ellie's English professor and a friend, exploited
the family's grief with a true-crime bestseller that claimed Peter McConnell,
Lila's married lover and colleague, was the killer. On a coffee-buying trip to
Nicaragua, Ellie encounters McConnell, whose life was destroyed by Thorpe's
conjecture. Sparked by this meeting, Ellie traces her way back through Lila's
life and work, pursuing leads that the manipulative Thorpe abandoned when they
did not fit his literary ambitions. Though many of Ellie's suspects lead her to
dead ends, each gives her greater understanding of her sister, of mathematics
and of herself. When she finally discovers the truth, Ellie's clarity about the
past brings her new hope for the future. Vivid descriptions and loving
explanations of the city and intelligent forays into the sciences of coffee and
mathematics enhance Richmond's quietly captivating novel."

I'm not a huge mystery person but, the synopsis is quite complex & the remarkable cover caught my eye right away. I don't enjoy easy reads, i feel this book will pan out to be one that is quite the opposite. I'm so excited about reading it! It has GREAT reviews & was on sale for $2.95 @ Strand in HARDCOVER. Now if you live in NYC, you should know all about Strand Bookstore and their out of this world discounts. I don't know how they do it....& I'm not complaining/questioning. Keep it going.

*yawn* Work, bright and early tomorrow morning! Peace, for now.


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Militankerous said...

I looooooove this Chrisette Michelle song! BUT, Stop buying journals young lady!!!! It's a sickness. Lol. I'm glad you got a good book. Now, what about those books for Thesis, ma'am? Have you started reading those? The summer is getting on.....

P.S. It was great seeing sis.