Monday, July 20, 2009

spend your young money. TRUST, you'll thank yourself later.

Misogyny to the MAX! Drake, my contradictory brother, what will be next?
I'm sure by now most of the hip-hop oriented world has seen Drizzy Drake's video for "Best I Ever Had." On the second day it dropped, I searched the tweets for the most recent commentary on it. Of course, the men enjoyed the flopping breasts of the "basketball players" and ignorant comments Drake made. However, most women were livid and/or annoyed, which prompted me to write this blog. (Which I'm sure were K.West or Yung Money influenced.) But, this is NEVER the Drake I came to know. I remember watching Degrassi YEARS back, and they were doing a mini-episode on what each of the characters did on the side of their acting careers. They gave us a sneak peek of Drake in the studio, so i was NOT at all surprised when he popped up on the screen, no longer wheelchair Jimmy. However, even though Comeback Season (his first mixtape) and most of his initial tracks has minimum negativity as most "dope/conscious" emcees sometimes slip up and embrace, it was relatively GOOD. (And i call very FEW rappers GOOD, nonetheless GREAT. *Ahem...cough...Lupe*)

So lets start with the lyrics of the song, "You're the Best":

The song describes a girl as the apple of the "rappers" eye. He makes a few misogynistic comments about other girls being "hoes." However, primarily the idea of the song is to praise & worship a girl who he feels is superior to all the other girls he's been with. Here are some of the ideals this woman possesses:

1) "Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin' with no makeup on
That's when youre the prettiest I hope that you don't take it wrong"

Here Drake implies that his girl is at her "best" when she is au' natural.

2) "And she a patient in my waiting room
Never pay attention to the rumors and what they assume"

Here he states that she has his back, no matter what. (i.e. groupies, gossip, wack emcees by his side *ahem...lil' wayne/weezy f. baby/repeat a pun over & over again.*

The second verse kind of goes off into a tangent about materialistic things, some more misogynistic things, and his ego. However, the song is ended with the comment that a song like the one he just performed is dedicated to a "special someone." The first verse doesn't even correlate with the second verse, and the video applies to absolutely none of it. (Reflect on the video below @ the end of the blog.)

The VIDEO exemplifies none of the ideas from the song. The video implies that Drake is a pedophilia-type coach of high school female basketball players. (Who were played by woman all over 18, hopefully.) The video also shows that during teaching the girls how to "play basketball" they only did stretches. (Sexual innuendo intended.) During their champion game Drake tells them that they must take the "D" , like the champions they are. In basketball language, this would mean defense. However, in the hip-hop world we all know what was implied. As the girls ascended and descended the steps in tight outfits that barely held their private parts in, their breasts flopped directly into the camera. (When asked to run up and down in scantily clad outfits with your breasts spilling out, did they think their breasts would be the STARS of the video? I wonder if they watched the video and suddenly lost their star pride when they noticed their faces were not a primary focus, at all.)

Let's backtrack and scope the lyrics of an older track by Drake, "Video Girl":

1) "And She Simply A New Model/ Stay Spending Dollars/ But She Got Less Sense Than A Empty Perfume Bottle"

Here Drake speaks not-so-highly of the intelligence of the women in these videos.

2) "Regina Hall And Garcelle And Alice Neal /Young Girls These Here Women With Big Dreams /Role Models That You Can Watch On The Big Screen /If You Refuse To Change And You That Chick Still /Respect Yourself, Dont Be Convinced That These Tricks Will /You Got An Audience Believe It Or Not /My Cousin Who Cant Speak Know The Lyrics To Tip Drill"

Here he even mentions some of the women in the industry who he feels are exemplary. He also dares to tell "video girls" to respect themselves and warn them that their younger female counterparts are watching them.

YET, these same women graced the footage of your new video. (Let's not even get started on the last one.) I feel as if the people around you are influencing your style Mr. Drizzy. When it was just you & 40 zoning in the were OCTOBER'S VERY OWN. However, you're sounding a little weezy & giving me tre' (trey) headaches nowadays. LOL. Pun intended.

I had a conversation the other night, with a friend who has stopped listening to hip-hop a couple years back, because it wasn't reflecting the stuff he was in love with. (Black Star, Nas, Biggie, Rakim etc.) He was a serious Hip-Hop Head and taught me most of the things i know. He literally turned off ALL the BET, MTV, Hip-Hop Radio Stations and avoided it on the Internet all together. Every few months we'd catch up and I'd try to get him to fall in love with hip-hop again. I tried to introduce him to the not-so underground like Blu, Wale, Charles etc....But, he wasn't having it. Well, lately he's been working in a nightclub as a bartender and could not avoid hearing some of the tracks that are out right now. During our phone call the other night he says, "I heard some Drake the DJ was spinning from "The Comeback Season/So Far Gone the other night. For the first time in a while i wrote some rhymes Riv. He's not GREAT, but he's good enough to get there." Now, that's power. He turned on his radio a couple days later and heard "Every Girl ft. Young Money." His next statement was, "That's why i don't listen to the radio because they just diminished some of the hope I've had for this dude." I hurriedly sent him all three of Drake's tapes & told him to ignore the sound waves. (Drake's attempt to sell, by selling out.)

Pssst....Drizzy.....I miss your individuality.

"Best I Ever Had"


An OLD fan.


Amoni said...

from the moment he performed "every girl" on the BET awards with young girls on stage,i begin to feel a little different about him and this whole Young Money affiliation.many of us fell in love with Drake because he stood out among the many industry,i have this feeling that he may not end off as the musician i have come to love. the music video for "Best I Ever Had" was very distasteful,in my opinion,and did not show the personality that you would like to see from an entertainer's first video.honestly,i didn't feel it was him at all.i don't want to give up hope on him yet,so hopefully he'll do something to change my mind.

Lyrik Marie said...

No one could have better analyzed Drake's slight, but yet DRASTIC alter in music. Drake went from standing out to literally fitting in. I definetly feel that he has the influence of Wayne/Young Money and I think that, that influence will not benefit him at all. Drake is VERY talented. Anyone who knows drake prior to the Young Money affiliation knows that he's talented. Damn near all the tracks on So Far Gone that DIDNT feature Wayne were really good songs.

Riv u broke down and analyzed Drake so well in this post. I love it !

Mr. FyeFoe Hunnit said...

I appreciated this entry and i agree to what your sayin completely. my only objection to this is that pass all the breasts that were bouncing around in the video, there was a more deeper meaning.

He's a man, so of course he will have a "team" of girls.
The teammates kept asking him, "Am i the best?", which he replies yes to all of them. but when it came down to winning the game they could not come through.
proving that that they were not the best.

In drake's solo shots, you see him lookin at his clip board which appears to be plays and strategies to win the game. If he had "the best he ever had " on his team he would have been confident in his team winning, proving that these women on his team were the other women in Drake's life.

The symbolism runs rampant throughout the video. I believe that Kanye's vision was misintrepted as is much of his works. I'm not condoning the video but c'mon ladies, i live in cali and i didn't know nation wide that yall all hated this video. sucks 4 Drake. lol



Healingprose said...

Yeah, I never got into Drake like that once EVERYBODY had So Far Gone. I did see the "Best" video and I could not believe it. Some people say it was a reflection of when he used to be a coach on Degrassi. Way different this time around. Now overplaying the song and performing with young chicks? I'm done.

Little Miss Knobody said...

I was once a Drake fan. His stuff on Slakah the Beatchild's Soul Movement Vol No. 2 was really good as well as So Far Gone. I find it interesting that his whole persona and music took this somewhat drastric change recently. I think artists go through this all the time though. A lot of artist will say that they can't (for whatever reason) do the type of music that they want to because of label politics blah blah blah... But you never know. People have different sides. Maybe this is who he wanted to be as an artist all along. Maybe not. His responisibility as an artist is to himself first though. If he is happy with this change, good for him. He's lost a lot of fans behind. I didn't like the video for many reasons...most of which you stated

Anonymous said...

I can honestly relate to what you are saying about Drake. It is a pitfall "underground" hip hop artist meet when they gain that mainstream attention. I've never been a big Drake fan (but still I admire his hustle and rise in a turbulent industry), but I can say based on what I've seen thus far he is Lil' Wayne in the making(a good or bad thing depending on who you ask). Great Post...

riva. said...

Thanks for all the comments! Mr. Hunnit, you definitley just gave me a new perspective on the vid! I appreciate that. :-) Still hate it though, lol. & I've never heard any of his stuff from that mixtape Litle Miss Knobody...can a sister get some downloadage please?


Militankerous said...

So you know I've been meaning to comment on this bs for a while. First off, the video is stupid and its point muddled at best if there was one at all. Second, why the hell would they make a video about being "The Fucking Best" and lose? Who the hell thought that was a good idea? Imbecile. Third, idk why everyone is so disappointed. Little Jimmy aka Aubrey Graham aka Mr. Young Money has never been that great. As far as his lyricism, HE'S WACK! I've heard those mixtapes and Chris Brown is a better rapper than that nigga. Hell, Chris Brown's whole assault charge makes him more gangsta than Jimmy Drake too. I can't believe I even have to have this conversation. I've been saying since this little nigga was on Degrassi that he was garbage. For the real people that have followed Lil Wheelchair Jimmy you know that Ashley was the better half of that paraplegic duo. And this video of him converting to the dark side of Entertainment Industry Superficiality was only inevitable from this mediocre rapper who can't sing. If we had realized his lack of talent earlier on, we'd have known that his rap swag is the same flavor as his acting: vanilla.

Traycee_88 said...

I know this is old, but my friends mom actually showed me a new POV for the video. Drake is telling this girl shes the best he ever had but then again he is telling all the girls on the team the same thing. Therefore, Drake is just telling us what we want to hear, and given the songs radio airplay we really want to hear it. After looking at it like that, what I took from it was that men will say anything.

IDK, I'm not trying to be deep...I'm just giving you my opinion.