Friday, August 21, 2009

banana lemonade?!?

I stopped at a spot called "Swich" (short for sandwich) with Blue and my co-worker Larry after work today. I had a GREAT sandwich with buffalo chicken, blue cheese crumbs, and tomatoes. However, that wasn't the BEST part. There's this "Banana Lemonade" that they have as a signature drink that is OFF THE CHAIN. I know, it sounds weird but the$2.95 was well worth it, and to think...I complained at first. It's around 15th and 8th in NYC, a bit lazy to Google it, but i know you will. Tell em' Riv sent you. (It won't get you a discount though lol.) Enjoy!


(photos via my new iPhone 3Gs 32GB! woohoo!)


Majik1987 said...

These pics were taken in treason to the Country of CrackBerry States of America. The sandwich looks banging and the lemonade sounds impressive, but we shall not so easily forgive your transgression against the Nation. You have defected America. For shame. My heart grows heavy. Lol!

DdotRENEE said...

Are those lima beans I see?! You better had ate them!!!! lol I can't wait to see this infamous phone of yours.