Sunday, August 16, 2009

do the new journal dance! (w.p.d. journal)

This is the "Write, Plan, Doodle" journal, also designed by Pratt Insitute. No, i did not scribble on the front of it. Lol. That's how the journal is actually designed. The words show the layout of the pages inside. The unique thing about the journal is that its named for it's purpose. On the bottom half of each paper there's graph paper for "planning." On the top half there is lined paper for "writing." Towards the side of the page there is a small section for "doodling." The journal would be ideal for artists or people who like to sketch out their ideas with an explanation.
Is this journal 300 or 3,000?
The world may never know.


Militankerous said...

America!!!! Didn't I tell you to stop buying new journals?! Lol. You are certifiably a fiend. Crack addict. Where are all the poems that I know you have been filling these journals with? I know that Technology journal has at least 5-10 great pieces in it. Post some of them and stop wasting your money on journals you're not even going to finish. At this rate you'll buy a new journal everytime you get ready to write a new poem. Smh. Get it together Sis! Love you.


riva. said...