Sunday, August 16, 2009

the story behind the header.

It all started with, "Ms Erica, you didn't design that!" My middle school students were convinced that i didn't create the images for their newsletter. So, they decided that i should show and prove! After much chaos, they finally came to the conclusion that i should put my whole body into the sneakers i had on. (Lol, cute.) So, we spent our free time taking a shot of the sneaker with one of the kids holding it up and then another shot in the lunchroom with me hanging over a table. I then hooked up my laptop to a projector to show them how to create the image in photo shop. They loved it! Towards, the end when i positioned the image of myself to make it look like i was in a sneaker...THEY FREAKED OUT!

Anyway, they made me promise that i would actually use it for my website and i promised I'd incorporate my favorite things into it as well. Hence my current journal, read, and Starbucks cup in my hands. Look above & Enjoy!



Militankerous said...

I love your little kiddies. They always have me cracking up. I wonder if ur kids in Hampton will be as colorfully entertaining as the ones in NY? I doubt it, but hey. Who knows? Lol.

Laina Christine said...

Your creativity is awe inspiring. I'm proud to say that I shared the same classrooms with you! Your future shines bright girl. =)

Little Miss Knobody said...