Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a bloggers plight.

Locking the door behind my mother this morning, a cold wind blew in and brought me to a halt. "Summer is over." So I've decided to wrap up the season with my experience. Since we've covered most of the negative aspects like dating and the misguided preteens in my class, I figured we'd cover the things that make my life complete.

I feel there are six essential tools for blogging:
1) The Journal: Our most intelligent posts/rants all start somewhere. Whether it is on the blue and white lines of a notebook or the blank page of Microsoft Word, we're deeply in debt to the place where we keep our thoughts.
2) The Camera: To capture the greatest experiences of our lives.
3) The Phone: For when the unexpected happens and you're not lugging the 10 pound camera bag.
4) The Reads: For stimulation of the mind and avoiding "The Writer's Block."
5) The Laptop: For Posting on the go. (Psssstttt...Barnes & Noble just made their Internet complimentary!)
6) Your Mind: Sometimes we leave these behind, considering some of the posts I've seen lol. (Just wanted you to remind you, in case you lose it.)

So here's a quick glimpse into my summer:
As you can tell by the pic on the bottom right, i went HARD in the bookstores this summer:
(from top to bottom)
  • The Lucky One By Nicholas Sparks
  • Pobby and Dingas By Ben Rice
  • Drown By Junot Diaz
  • No One You Know By Michelle Richmond
  • Year of The Fog By Michelle Richmond
  • The Thrall's Tale By Judith Lindbergh
  • Damage Control Edited By Emma Forrest
  • The Scandalous Summer of Sissy LeBlanc By Loraine Despres
  • Pecking Order By Omar Tyree
  • The Testing of Luther Albright By MacKenzie Bezos
  • Holy Skirts By Rene Steinke
  • A Changed Man By Francine Prose
  • The Other Side of Paradise By Stacey-Ann Chin (the red indicates my favorite book of the summer) I usually get tons of tweets about what reads I'd suggest, above you'll find all the delicious knowledge i devoured this summer. ALL GREAT BOOKS!

Music of the Summer: These are the albums I've had on constant replay. (You'll see, my taste is extremely varied. It's been a very R&B and Pop summer.)

1) BLACKSummer's Night: Maxwell

2) Exposed: Kristinia Debarge

3) Lady LOVE: Letoya Luckett

4) READY: Trey Songz

5) Epiphany: Chrisette Michele

6)Salon Stories Sampler: Kel Spencer

7)And of course fabulous beats courtesy of producers: DSimms & Justice Stokely Hall

And of course the great events of the summer:

  • Performing alongside Chrisette Michelle and Other UW Poets in the Mcdonalds Slam hosted by 98.7 Kiss FM
  • The Erotic Slams @ Legends Lounge
  • My Middle School Group (Professionals Only) that I enjoyed teaching this summer
  • Performing with Yung Nate and Other Emcees at the Nuyorican
  • The HU Alumni Picnic with Jamalcolm and the KQ's
  • Night's Out with the HG Crew: Bowling, Bars, Clubs and BBQ's
  • Working with Kel Spencer on Various Projects
  • The Parle Female Poetry Tour
  • The Birth of my 2 Beautiful Godsons: Ethan and Shaunito
  • Photoshoots with Public Lotto, Kel, Justice, and Jessica
  • Writing/Recording In the Studio
  • Featuring on Kel's Upcoming Album
  • Hanging with the litle cousins
  • & even the awful dates that taught me so much more about my standards

and so much more...

I've complained a lot about my summer, but now that I take a look back on it, it wasn't so bad after all. I challenge everyone else to post the positive aspects of the season.




Anonymous said...

Looks like a cool summer! I agree with pretty much everything you said in terms of reading to avoid writers block, and also the importance of remembering your mind which is the essence. In other words, one should conduct themselves as if they have home training, lol. Props!

Amoni said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good summer.Man,I can't believe it is already over!

The books you bought sound really interesting.I bought Pecking Order a few months back,and it was nice.Nicholas Sparks is a wonderful author.He came to a univerity near my hometown for a book reading.I was unable to attend,and I hated that!I would have loved to have met him.I'm going to have to check out The Other Side of Paradise.Something tells me that I might enjoy that read.

Majik1987 said...

How the hell did you change the words that tell people to comment? You Computer Geek, SHOW ME!! I need that in my life. Lol.

Anyway, this summer has been everything I could have hoped for and none of what I expected.
Quick Highlights:
*Going to NY 2 Times
*Moving out of apartment
*Taking my little cousins to the African American History Exhibit
*Hampton Alumni Picnic with Eri & the KQs
*Watching True Blood (yes I'm serious)
*Gaining a great blog following
*Reuniting with old High school friends
*Alpha Convention in NOLA
*Divisional Summit in TX
*Peachtree Road Race
*4th of July
*Hanging with my lil cuz Kareem

It's been more exciting and interesting than words could ever really say. Thanks for being a part of it Riv.


Loraine Despres said...

Sounds as if you had a great summer. Me too. I'm so happy you liked THE SCANDALOUS SUMMER OF SISSY LEBLANC. The novel took me three years of hard writing and then about eight years to find a publisher who appreciated it (William Morrow HarperCollins.) Fortunately it became a national best seller, so they found my second novel much easier to appreciate. I'm thrilled you enjoyed it.

There's Golden In Her Blues. said...

So... I did LOVE the Staceyann Chin book, and it sparked up some thoughts.. that led to some library trips.. that led me to my book. The one that speaks like I wrote it, like it was my life, with slight detours.. "Something Like Beautiful" by asha bandele. So thank you. I appreciate you, your words, and your suggestions. =0)