Monday, September 28, 2009

cole is COLD. a feminine perspective.

Considering the fact that this is a relatively "personal" site; you should know, that when I comment on an's serious business. Hailing from Fayetteville, NC (a.k.a. The Ville, Fayettenam) Jermaine Cole (J. Cole) is way more than warmed up, as his second mixtape title suggests. This man is suited up, on the court, and the game. Whether he knows that or not, I don't know. However, he must know he is a SERIOUS problem. (That's a good thing. Lol.) He just signed to Jay-Z's RocNation. :-)

I'm always fussing about the reiteration of misogynistic ideals from emcees (if we can call some of them that). However, even though J.Cole has his occasional disrespectful lyrics. (Ex: Split You Up.) , he speaks more from experience rather than just disrespecting females because he feels like it. His songs, specifically those involving women, are story oriented. I literally felt like i was reading a story during the tracks, "Losing My Balance", "Ladies", and his last verse on "Dolla and a Dream II." He repeats more than once of his longing or appreciation of a woman with a beautiful mind and even expresses disdain towards woman who aren't goal oriented.

On the first verse of "Losing Your Balance", he talks about the phony materialistic girl:

"Ms. high profile, caught you shopping on canal// I guess it makes sense seeing as phony is your style// Your hair and your nails just as phony as your smile// Fake eyelashes, you drew your eyebrows// A n*&ga bout' to ask, do you pride yourself?// And make up like a mask, tryna hide yourself// Seems on the outside, you thinking your the s*^t// But it's the soul that's inside, you ain't even knew existed//"

Like most storyteller emcees, he brings his target down and then proceeds to tell her about herself. Usually, the next bars are uplifting or bring about some sort of realization. (I promise you that many emcees do this.) The listener will humble herself as he drops the next earsplitting bars that deem so true about many of the females i know today.

"Hope this will reach you and you understand// That your value ain't determined by another man// Cuz right now you let them brothers get the upper hand//"

I was in the silent library with this in my headphones and I shot up out of my seat, "YOU TELL EM' J!" For a female who has watched many of her friends bring themselves to a point where salvation is KEY, those words touched my heart. I have probably used the same bars in conversation form towards insecure girls that allow my advice to trickle into one ear and out of the next.....far too many times.

The song's second verse is about his hometown. Cole talks about violence, drug dealing, and internal issues he has with his city. However, i've decided halfway through this blog that i want focus on the "female-oriented" aspect of Mr. Cole's lyrics. Not many album reviews talk about how the emcee affects the female listeners. The last verse is about a female who he finds attractive because of her mind. (Sidenote: Go Download: Mind Sex By Dead Prez)

"I got a thang for this lil mama// She do it to me, plus her brain is for real, Imma sucka for love// i guess, won't catch her up in the club, she ain't into that//Kind of chick, that rather rent a flick, and get intimate//"

Cole goes in to talk about how he's addicted to this girl because of her intellect and not necessarily all the other aspects other rappers talk about. (I don't think i need to explain that.) His last line is.....

"My homies beefing cuz' i never come around a lot// Keep on telling me i changed, things ain't the same// And ever since she came around, i never wanna hang// They tell me that it's foul, how a chick will make me switch// But man I can't help it dog, her mind got me whipped."

I have NEVER seen this many references to mind, brain, knowledge etc. without it being a metaphor for a sexual act! Amazing.

Another song I'm really feeling is, "A Dollar and a Dream II."
Peep it:
"Sally I know I ain't been answering your calls// But s*&t, let me explain, it's because, times been hard// Been running around trying to find a job// I hear my phone ringing in the morning, 9 o' clock// And it's you, can't even front i press ignore// I still got your letters lying in my dresser drawer// You telling me about all the things you did for me// When i was broke you sent me dough and that was ??? for me// You was there every year when i needed you// And you were so quick to give, i had to be with you// Remember when i used to call you on your phone line// I knew it was official when my mama co-signed// But in no time, a ni*&a graduated// I hit the real world, baby girl i'm sad to say it// But i was using you, you gave a *bleep* major stacks// And i know in my heart one day that i'm gon' pay you back//"\
(**CORRECTION**LMAO. ROFL. I just had my HAT handed to me! I guess because i've paid out of the pocket for school for so long, i didn't catch on! This next verse is in reference to Sallie Mae & the Loans he got for school. Still, it doesn't lessen the feelings it evoked in me. :-/)

It's an amazing track; give the whole thing a listen....Above.

I've got SO much to say about Mr. Cole, but i don't want to prolong the inevitable. However here are a few of my favorite tracks from the two mixtapes:
**super favorites!!!

"The Warm Up" (2009)

  • Lights Please
  • Dreams ft. Brandon Hines
  • Dollar and a Dream II
  • Heartache
  • Ladies Ft. Lee Fields
  • Hold it Down
  • Losing My Balance (Bonus)**
"The Come Up" (2007)
  • Simba
  • I'm The Man**
  • Dead Presidents
  • Can't Cry
  • I Do My Thing
(You can download them @ or Just search: J. Cole)

I've been sitting by hip-hop's bedside for a long time. He stirs occasionally, but has never risen from his coma. Today, the crisp blue bed sheets ruffled, and i watched him stir once again, and then he did something he's never done before.....he spoke to me.



Unknown said...

The 3rd verse to " A Dolla and a Dream II" is not to a female but to the loan company "Salle Mae" Check out the his Fan Site!! !!

riva. said...

That makes him even more of an EMCEE....he dropped a metaphor that i didn't catch onto? Wow. Thanks for the info!

MIzzDMW said...

OK, I'm gonna be honest, JCole is news to me. But I must admit, I'm OPEN. And the third verse of "A Dolla and a Dream II" being to Sallie Mae makes perfect sense, LoL!! I hate that Bi...huh? Like I was saying...from reading this blog and watching the videos, I'm gonna go download and spend some quality time with Mr. Cole. I'm sure I'll be quoting his lyrics in a tweet real soon...

Michael DeAntonio said...

Your post did what is was supposed to do - It turned me on to the music of JCole.

Amoni said...

J.Cole is a super nice emcee!
I am so ecstatic to know that he is from Fayetteville,and I live 15 minutes away from there.ha!
I appreciate you taking the time to shine light on his talent.
Much respect.


Anonymous said...

I've been hearing a lot about this young man. To actually read and take in a few of his lyrics, I am encouraged to download his mixtapes and give him a try.

Unknown said...