Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I wrote this for a friend who lost his father recently:

i can't say i understand how you feel
how your heart probably dropped in the pit
of your stomach

how those light fire eyes must have illuminated
in tears
leaving to caress the brown cheeks of your face
but i can say;
i know he is watching
fiddling his thumbs on the edge of a cloud
smiling at the man I've come to know

I hope you know you are beautiful
music melody wrapped around your arms
not an "iota" of fear as you
tap for your father to hear

He is dancing
on the edge of heaven
with halo's for cymbals
joining your cadence
parading a line of angels
and pointing below

he says,
"that is MY son"

so everytime
your face kisses the sky
remember he dangles his legs on air
and watches you walk to the beat of your own drum
or perhaps; just the beat of his heart...inside of you.