Tuesday, October 6, 2009

female emcees. bloggers. & the 45%.

Upon trying to find a new studio to produce a spanking *new* sound, I've come across many trifling producers and studio owners. To test the theory, a younger male emcee friend of mine and I scoped a couple of these places in Hampton Roads, VA. When my homeboy entered and asked how much a session including mixing, mastering, and the works would cost, they told him $20-$30/hr, pending on where we went. When I entered the same place and presented myself as a female emcee, the same men would quote me anywhere from $45-$55/hr. Why the huge difference you ask? Well here's the answer. Producers, studio engineers, and the like have lost faith in female emcees. Yes, I can throw my hands up in protest, write a long drawn out feminist rant on it, and even make a song depicting my emotions about it. But, why? We kind of deserve it. I'm not justifying the clearly sexist actions of these men. However, industry people are more prone to work with people they feel they can profit from. Upon hearing me flow, people would approach me with beats, studio time, and graphic design ideas for my next mix tape. To them it was an honor to have their work side by side with what they thought would be the next BIG thing. But, now they aren't even listening to females. With women like Nikki Minaj, Angel Lola Luv, Tila Tequila (really?).....who really wants to listen? What's with all the degrading nicknames....Minaj as in Menage a Trois', Barbie?, Nikki LEWINSKY?!?!?!?!?!, Tequila like the liquor, Lola luv...really? All these Lil's, Shaquana's and Mama's. Are we children? Now don't get me wrong, the songs are catchy, they have one or two bars, but who is taking you seriously?




Here's the problem:
  • Women aren't writing their own music: With Nikki sounding like Weezy....you don't think he's in the studio feeding her lyrics? A lot of the lyrics femcees are spitting are NOWHERE near original. I always hear a male influenced flow.
  • We've forgotten Hip-Hop is an art: Have we forgotten how to produce, beat box, and create hooks. Where's the variety? The versatility?
  • Sex isn't EVERYTHING: Must we dress like a stripper, superwoman, or a whore to get attention? Queen Latifah just dropped her album "Persona" and you don't even see CLEAVAGE anywhere in her promotion. Yet, every time i see a mix tape of any other female emcee, she's scantily clad with pink or purple in the background. I understand Lil' Kim and Foxy we're the ones who started this trend. However, they were depicting their actual reality. Females come into the game and do a complete 360 with their personality, looks, and morale.
  • Dedication: Men have never let anything come to us easily. Stop waiting on your producers to call you up, a record label executive to offer you something, or a man to show you how to do it.
  • Experience: If you've never held a gat or pulled a trigger in your life. REMOVE IT FROM YOUR RHYMES. It annoys me when females start talking about a gangsta life they never led.

Honestly, men expect the same from every female emcee they come into contact with. I always get a look of surprise when i enter a cypher. "Yo, she spits like a dude! She's Beast." They expected me to start talking about my body parts, my man, or some sexual act that I've committed. Wrong.

Now to address the female blogger's. Most of my followers are poets, writers, or women keeping a written log of their everyday experiences. I thoroughly enjoy these blogs because they boast substance. However, I've been reading some of these hip-hop and gossip bloggers and I'm disgusted. Their "About Me's" boast stories of how they've conquered the web and attained all these "influential female" and "black woman of the year" awards. If you're given such a role, you should maintain a composure that deems you a ROLE model. Yet, these same women are having affairs with the celebrity men they write about, have nude photos and sex tapes online, and neglect to address the real matter at hand. You're a groupie, that can write. You glorify the aspects of the world you would love to be a part of and then dive right in when the waves you've put wind to, come floating by.

Hello, 45%! Yes, I'm speaking to you. The disrespectful, lewd, overtly sexual, stereotypical woman. Yes, you! Let me make a few things clear. You're sexy, not a sex symbol. Your temples are VIP, not open during vacancy. You're mother's, not baby mommas. And you're bold and beautiful, not bitches. I'm not asking everyone to be a lady, to cross their legs, or wear clothes that cover you from head to toe. I'm asking you to respect yourself. It starts with us. When men see a woman that is confident, although she may not be the sexiest thing ever, it's sexy enough to get their attention. Don't you think the same ideal concurs with respect?

I'm not perfect, no female is. But, I'd like you to take a look at the young ladies in your life. Your cousin's, daughters, sister's and mentee's. Listen to the lyrics they reiterate in the back of your cars whilst the radio is blasting. Ask them who their favorite female rappers are. And prepare to be very afraid.....

Take Note of REAL Femcees:

  • Jean Grae
  • Lauryn Hill (SMH)
  • MC Lyte
  • Eve
  • Queen latifah

Femcees that you might not know (Youtube Em'!):

  • Babs
  • Lil' Mama (Yes, I went there.)
  • Kibree
  • Kristyle
  • Vikki Flames
  • Miss Nana
  • Lure

Honestly, I don't support some of these girls bars. But they all have MAJOR potential.

And after a FUN (sike) search...I found some girls who are worth shedding light on. 5 more years; and they will be problems. Clearly, they have role models that aren't poisoning our radio waves. (None are older than 15)



Michael DeAntonio said...

I'm interrupting your feminist rant. Listen to this guy . He's not a chick, but he's awesome. I thought you might appreciate it.

Louis Bell said...

I Like Ur opinion On This. The Female Mc i Listen To is jean Grae Now.

Louis Bell said...

oh and u should check her out
apani b fly she is a really dope mc.


Anonymous said...

Bahamadia's nice too! Props

Cook.ThePoet. said...

I agree with you. Im tired of hearing female emcees who are str8t garbage. If you have a gift with words why would you disrespect that craft that the rest of us love? Its a terrible waste. But the emcees that you liked as worthy def get my vote. If they stick to it they can be the future of the art


Jaybyrd said...

I am a female Emcee myself, I share your sentiments exactly about today's female emcees, the lack of talent and the self degrading behavior. I would be thrilled if you'd check me out on my reverbnation site, or my facebook page...you will NOT be dissapointed, that I can promise you! {[o.0]}
<3 LadyByrd Jay

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