Wednesday, November 4, 2009

heat i'm flowing to right now.

Yes, i know some of these joints are unreleased. However, I couldn't wait! Don't worry, I will cop the actual LP's when they drop. :-) I'm an artist....we have to support. Click the link's after the photos to download them. The Khalifa & K. Sparks are FREE downloads. However, Kel & Ryan's are up for grabs at They're well worth the dime....AMAZING tracks.

OH, NO. Did you really think I'd give you the link to download this illegally? Ha! Go SUPPORT Wale; one of my top ten emcees. Nov. 10th! Stay tuned for my Wale "Attention Deficit" review.....

1 comment:

Justice-Stokley Hall said...

you lose points for the ryan leslie album, just as bad as the wiggy dancin boy