Monday, December 7, 2009

hark the herald angels feat. tyrell (RIP)

I recently lost someone I graduated with on Nov. 24th, 2009. His name was Tyrell Spencer, aka, Ty Diddy. He was a bandmate and friend. The last time I saw Ty he was working in Cold Stone and congratulated me on a poetry performance. He had a great sense of humour and never failed in making anyone smile. He will truly be missed.

To understand some of the references know this:
We were in band together.
He played the Trombone.
My high school's mascot was the KNIGHT.

For Tyrell, 11-24-09.

i've detached myself from you
trying to erase the sterotypical memories
of high school
hoping i could fade my shining armor

but i stand here today
a knight
in a blaze of black and gold
i'd like to illuminate you

when a soldier has fallen
they honor his memory,
drape his casket in a flag,
saddle stallions behind the hurse
for the final farewell

lets drape memories over Tyrell
become the stallions
put his burdens on our backs
and stride
as though we are not afraid
of the embrace of the wind

wear our band jackets like fatigues
create a symphony of tears with trombones
step into our spats like its the last time

less than a year ago
we were here
holding dennis' existence
between our palms during prayer

the heart is the only muscle
built from involuntary tissue
but it doesn't have to ask me to
voluntarily miss you
and since you
have decided to add wings to your back
those whom you loved
will ask one day
to fly away with you

i know
you are first recruit for
the band that collaborates
with the gates opening to heaven
brass against vibrating lips
your stops becoming
the heavy on our chest
everytime your smile
encounters a memory
the valves in our chest
corresponding those
on your trombone

like a never ending march in Ohio
like the way we all did on the long bus trips
as though we'd all stepped in the bandroom
simeltanously with two angels at our lead
like Abel's voice, never fading
like lunchtime slipping between the stands and beatrooms
like the memories of you will
in our minds

we stand here today
in a blaze of black and gold
illuminating the world
we'll make sure they never forget
we'll make sure we pray
no boundaries, no trials, no tribulations
just make sure you,

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