Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I'm tainted
peach cobbler thighs
brown eyes
I'm flawed

the stars in my eyes
have long since dwindled
no dance in my step

teeth slanted
i tried to correct them
but my gap is genetic
dentist said it wouldn't close
so i know God intended for me to be this way

if your makers vision
is so illuminating
that it blinds you

and while you are
clawing around
trying to find your way in the dark
my security
becomes your scratching post

he left engraved in my skin
that I'd never be good enough for him

with books
that laced rainbows
around my mind
am i not bright enough for you?

and tongue
that travels farther than wits end
perhaps i spoke to much?

maybe my refusal to chase you
oblige you
grovel behind you
were those your expectations?
am i too strong for you?

no stranger
to lost love
will not break my back
to find you

but in the meantime
I'll twirl my metaphors around bricks
and throw them at your automobile of a heart

and hope you scar
keloid memories of me
will flood your eyes
and I'll be there to press rewind

every time you hear me speak
every time you hear yourself in a simile
every time you try to breathe

good luck finding purity
i hope perfection comes knocking at your door
so you can prove me wrong

but I'm tainted
imperfection elegance
screwed BLISS
darling desperate

I'm flawed
and there's no cure

words to keep you on your LONG journey:

good luck finding your non-existent pure.

pic: from www.skratch-pad.com


Justice-Stokley Hall said...

"and hope you scar
keloid memories of me" that's a hot line

Amoni said...

"good luck finding your non-existent pure."
This poem is exactly what I needed to hear at the moment.
It mirrors the thoughts my heart and mind whispers.
Thank you.

Lyrik Marie said...

you've been blessed with the talent of words .. ily riv !