Monday, December 28, 2009

the difference between a Stan and a Fan.

I’ve been a faithful contestant in many hip-hop forums: Who’s a better emcee? Who has more star power? Who’s “swag” (I hate that word.) is hotter? Whatever the case maybe, if it’s hip-hop, I’m down for a friendly debate. FRIENDLY. However, as a part of the LupEND blog, The Il-LU-mination blog, and my occasional feature in the forums, I’ve come across tons of comments that have begun to disturb me. So here I am to show you the difference between those that are loyal to the craft and those that are obsessed with the hype:

The Stan:

These people are frauds. They go around calling themselves fans, however, they are incessantly obsessed with the musician or genre they comment on/write about. There is a difference between love and infatuation. One is a more dramatic and dangerous aspect of the other. If you find yourself struggling between the definitions of the two, you’re probably the STAN I speak of. Stan’s forget the artists they listen to are HUMAN. They approach the entertainer as though he is a god or a deity. So when an emcee decides not to drop his mix tape or gets into some sort of drama, they LASH out on him.

Stan: “How dare you not give me the music you promised me? How dare you have an affair outside your perfect marriage?”

Yes Stan, GODS aren’t supposed to screw up. However, down here, in REALITY, the musician you’re speaking to is a HUMAN BEING. They are allowed mishaps, mistakes, and perspective other than your own. I don’t condone a lack of morals/values. (In fact, if you read this blog on a regular basis, you’ll know I despise it.) But artists are exactly that ARTISTS. We must remember that the creative part of their life, isn’t the only part. They have relationships, friends, family, financial and many other things to deal with. Stan’s FAIL to realize this.

The Stan will throw a tantrum at the lack of his mix tape. He depended on that drop date as if it were his birthday. He’ll go into a rage on the comments, call his so-called “favorite emcee” out of his name, and then cry for the entire day. (Btw, most Stan’s are “anonymous” in their comment.) However, they’ll be back on the forum praising him the next day, in the record store copping his latest album, or DOWNLOADING his music from some untrustworthy source.

To the STAN, this artist’s music is just a fix, and Stan is one HELL of a junkie. He grows tired of the CLASSIC’S after 5 listens and will be on the prowl for another track online almost immediately. Certain rappers, (*cough* Weezy) are alright with giving out “fixes”, (*cough* No Ceilings) that don’t have lasting effect. However, the emcees that take time to give you music that is everlasting seek to create real FANS. It’s the weak-auto tune-random-hook-beat-fixer-uppers that create the STAN’S of the world. And honestly, the industry would be a lot better without them. (I’m lying, we NEED them for forum entertainment. Haha.)

The FAN:

The fan is just as excited about drop dates, new music, and an IN on the artist’s life. However, fans understand the delays of the industry, mistakes of the artists, and the emcee’s need for a break from the spotlight. Because just as the artist, MUSIC isn’t our entire life. We understand that there are other things going on in a HUMAN BEING’S world.

The fan is the reviewer who is loyal to the music they love, the person who listens to the album all the way through, and who is true to the emotions derived from the song. There isn’t much to say about the fan because his love isn’t incessant and neither is this post.

I bid you, Adieu!


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Anonymous said...

thanks for these thoughts -- it's something that has been bugging me more and more. you gave it a name: stan vs fan.

why i think "audience accountability" (demand) is at least as important as artist accountability (supply): we have a lazy consumer audience base that expects to be force-fed the latest Weezy fix through top forty radio, scared of doing the work it takes to find and listen to a real artist's flows.

the supply of good hip hop hasn't ever wained...but it's been forced "underground" as the demand shifted to the wack shit. now we have, as you said, entitled stans who want their fix.