Wednesday, January 13, 2010

random rant. (music's split personality)

Speakers, Blown. Headphones, Broken. Riva, Pissed.

Target got a visit from me this week. My fingers fidgeted with the package of USB speakers for the laptop and they mutilated the JVC headphones package. It had been a while since I sat down and listened to GOOD music. The holidays were filled with fluff, poetry shows, a few dates, and studio time. I'd downloaded the usual mass of mixtapes, and uploaded CD's found in the abyss we call a family basement. However, there was no time for listening.

I started with Lauryn Hill's Miseducation. I've bought it 4 times due to over-rotation, Lol. It's probably been about a year since I played it last. I believe Lupe Fiasco's "EOTS", Chris Brown's "Graffiti", and a bit of Wiz Khalifa's "B.A.R." came next. It hit me right around the time of my favorite Khalifa line that there are two types of ways to listen to music. When you're involved in the art yourself, you know what the session includes: Either the artist comes fully equipped with notebook in hand, or from memory. Sometimes the producer is great at mixing and sometimes you can hear the over-equalizing on a track that picked up too much unecessary sound. I began to hear the emcee in the studio.....I could decipher whether he was using a book or coming straight from the dome and I can imagine which parts were improvisation.

Sheesh. Is that what 2 weeks in the studio/writing will do to you? I can't JUST listen to music anymore. My mind is constantly assessing all the elements.

I'm still learning...... (via Valerie)

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