Thursday, February 25, 2010

first stop. austin, texas.

Now Playing: “Losing My Balance” –J.Cole

Last Location: Austin, Texas

Present Location: 35,000 ft in the air (On the way to Wisconsin via Chi-Town)

Above the clouds, the sky resembles much of the heaven we dream of. Time seems as though it is standing still. We mistake the fluff of clouds for pillows or misplaced cotton. I wonder, if I can write something so beautiful about what’s going on outside of the window, then why am I so afraid? I am petrified of planes and I am also frightened of heights. Gripping my tour-mate’s hand as the rest of the crew giggled at my antics, I realized that superwoman only fails to exhibit one power. Flying. I am embarrassed as the 4 year old behind me gasps at the scene she beholds to be gorgeous. Meanwhile, I am begging my colleagues to close their windows. I’ve had less than 5 hours of sleep in the last two days. It’s amazing how a phobia can keep you WIDE awake.

Moving along though, Texas was awesome! Austin, I miss you. There were about 40 clubs/bars on ONE street. We hopped from club to club and had the time of our lives. Although we missed the show at the university because of the weather and Delta's delays....Texas proved to be life-changing after all. It's great how prices fluctuate throughout the U.S. In New York, the amount of fun we had would have equated my entire bank account. However, we didn't spend a lot of money and we met tons of new people and tried many new things. Although my manager wouldn't let me try the electric bull riding....Grrrr...Lol. Anyway, this was the first stop on the tour. I'll be keeping you updated as we go along.

Pics coming soon.


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Cook.ThePoet. said...

That sounds soo fun, well not the phobia part [ I feel your pain though =\ ]. Seeing new things and meeting new people is always fun! =]