Friday, February 19, 2010

we've been lacking poetry. (throwback)

A friend and I we're discussing how promiscious younger generations have become. No judgement, just discussion. However, it prompted a poem I'd written in my freshman year of college about a long lost "friend." It's a throwback however, it's one of my favorites. (It pleases to see the advancement in my writing since then.) Enjoy.


For us
But she doesn’t know better
Fresh meat
Sounds too close to freshman
Or woman I should say
Or girl

Omega Cabaret
Go to the Game
Get drunk with upperclassman
Now that curfew’s away

Big sisters got my back
Now that midterms are done
I’m in a school that’s all black
Fun for me, not for some

Intoxication numbs the brain
She forgets where she’s at
The pain inside her womb
Ain’t supposed to follow the night cap

But it’s the first time
She’s been drinking like that
“Yo Big Sis, I got a pain in my side.”
“You been partying too hard that’s all, you need a ride?”

Looks up at the flashback of his face from last night
He’s not big sis, nor anyone she confides
But he takes her back to the dorm with a kiss on her cheek
“Thanks for last night, you snore loud in your sleep”

Funny how she don’t remember
Big sis abandoned her there
It’s the middle of October
Big Sis too busy to follow her here

So the roommate who’s always in cozy
Follows her to the place
They ain’t really close, she ain’t nosy
But helps her wipe the tears on her face

Her blue and white pride
Now in the form of a hospital band
It was all a blast
Just wish she could remember it and
If she'd taken heed to the warnings of R.A. 3
She wouldn’t be here for this STD
She can’t lie, she was loving it
But the insurance won’t cover it
They said call your parent’s here’s the phone
“Hello, Mom I’ve got a problem, I need to come home”


(Copyright 2007)


Cook.ThePoet. said...

A throwback worth reading/posting.
I like this. Love the switch of "homecoming". Ya style was dope den and only grew.


DdotRENEE said...

Damn...sad but sooo much truth! Homecomings are great ain't they???

Eb the Celeb said...

you should come out to this dope writing event and bring something to read


Reading that; you were ill then, just iller now Lol. I'm a senior at an HBCU, and it saddens me to watch my friends, classmates, and other students around me leave one by one. STD's are more shocking, but I think the people bringing these babies into a world that they're not even really equipped and ready to face scares me more. *sigh* ...