Monday, March 29, 2010

dear dmv emcee.

I’d like to teach you
how to fall in love with a poet
an instructional to her insides
a guide to her heart
a self-help to start
the art of falling in love
and making snow angels in sheets
while you’re there
this is a do-it-yourself
or together
metaphor for dummies
similes for idiots
chicken soup for your soul

we are suckers for lyrics
and chinky eyes 
& full lips
so wrap them around me wisely
clench microphones for dear life
make eye contact
and recite them like vows to a wife
slip in winks
and panty throwing love songs
the conscious and the revolutionary
multiply by sonic sound
and make sure you put it down
on stage
and off

do it soft
on that all night, real light, just right replay
not that
fast talk
under the hood
quick change

never share the infatuation for her words
with another Angelou or Giovanni
and most importantly COPY
copy the stanzas of her pieces
to her body
with the same saliva
you use for your flow
and when it gets slippery
make sure you blow
sweet nothings
between the pages of her notebook
when she’s not looking

hey you//
I know sometimes we argue//
exchange analogies//
and anatomies//
but I’m lost without your cadence//
I’m all about love and its making//
but I’ll never get tired of//
displacing my lust for music onto your casing//
and face it, we’re opposites//
may not attract like magnets do//
but the magnitude of our latitude//
keeps me satisfied and coming back to you//
I know how you feel about your journals//
and I promise I’m not prying//
you just need to know I yearn you//
and I swear that I’m not lying//
so take this note for what it is//
don’t over analyze this shit//
I love you till the end of it//
No beat, no lyrics, just predicate//

And she’ll write back:
Here are the directions
To a simile queens internal
How to get her skin inferno
How to become her future & precursor
How to love her
How to cherish
How to extend your heart
And share it
How to keep her from stressing
or to just to put it plain and simple
just keep me guessing.

Your Blessing


ty said...

i wanna fall in love with a emcee now

Unknown said...

i love love this!!!!