Monday, June 28, 2010

bookaholic. (lit-hunting for smarties) it'd be wrong to call you dummies....i'm just sayin. Is the blog title long enough?

I'm obsessed with new reads. I have a million books on my shelf that haven't been read and YOU CAN STILL catch me in Barnes & Noble's, thrift shops, collegiate bookstores, and bargain bookshops. Some of the books people pay $30 for in HARDCOVER, I pay only a dollar or two for. I'm a BOOK HUNTER. If I want it bad enough, I'll find it and not even make a dent in my wallet.

I promised I'd write almost everyday, so I've been speeding up the blog process. This is one of the posts I'll be doing regularly alongside "Reviews You Might Have Missed", "Word? Word. & Big Word", POW (Pictures over Words), "New Journal Dance", memoirs, short stories, poems, photography & more. (Whew! I'm out of breath.)


I found the first treasure at a collegiate bookstore. It's called "The Water's Lovely" by Ruth Rendell. I haven't blessed it with a bookmark. However, the second book was quickly issued my gold and white butterfly page-keeper because of it's promises. (I found this one in a Dollar Tree.)

"Favorite offers a fun take on the impact literature can have on our lives."

It's called "The Heroines" by Eileen Favorite. I'm only halfway through but, the read is ALREADY delicious. The synopsis of the book deems it an exquisite "grown up" read. However, from the first page you're swirled into a fantasy world and a book-lover's dream. I won't get too specific, just in case you actually want to read it.

You can find the reviews & buy them HERE & HERE.

ANYWAY....the point of this post is to help YOU develop your book hunting skills! (Cheesy much? Yeah.)

TIP #1: There's no shame in being frugal when it comes to literature.

You borrow books from the library, your friends, and the hairdresser (you know YOU do it) FOR FREE all the time. So why pay almost $30 for a hardcover? Barnes & Noble and Borders dumps STACKS of books in the hands of bargain and dollar stores when they no longer wish to display them. I once stumbled upon autographed copies--which authors sign when they come to do features @ B&N and leave tons for sale--in a 99 cent store. Thrift shops usually have an abundant book selection. You should SEE the things people give away! ("He's Not That Into You" "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" and EVERYTHING Danielle Steel ever wrote.) They even have used bookstores that let you use YOUR old books as credit in the store to purchase new/old tales.

PS- Why doesn't anyone have a library card anymore? I do!

TIP #2: Judge a BOOK by it's COVER.

I know you've been told the complete opposite but, I've ALWAYS found the best reads this way. I'm intrigued by the simplest/complex covers. The all black book with the powdered words "Crank" on the front. The one with tons of colors and swirls. The title that says, "DO NOT READ THIS." Go crazy! Run to your closest thrift or bargain store, grab a binding that ignites your fire, ignore the synopsis, and read to your heart's content. Or not.

TIP #3: LOVE your BOOK.


This is a very sensitive topic for me. When I was younger I'd throw my books & journals EVERYWHERE. My room was a dilapidated library. I soon realized that my precious spines/bindings began to break. My precious journals were unraveling. So here's my advice: Don't throw your books everywhere. Stack them. Horizontally. Vertically. On those new upside down bookcases. Alphabetize them. Color code them. Do whatever you want. They'll come in handy one day. 1) Handing them down to your children. 2) First edition auctions on Ebay. 3) Personal reference. 4) To have people walk into your space and say "Wow. You're so well read!" (Yeahhh that last one doesn't happen too often.)

TIP #4: Whisper, Speak, and SHOUT about your new/old reads.

Let the world know what you're reading! People don't do this enough! If you're on a train car and you see someone trying to catch a peek of your latest read say, "Hey, want to know what it's about?" It helps the author out and also makes you look like a connoisseur.

Tip #5: IGNORE me.

If you're a TRUE book junkie, (people who know drop dates, signing dates, and their favorite author's address lol) DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. If these are things you already do, by all means continue. If you like the smell of a fresh printed book or stationary, screw frugality, and grab that just released bundle of beauty. (Ahhhh, that good ol' Staples smell.)

Enjoy your summer reading like the pro-reader-bookhunter-favorite-author-stalker you are.




Rice Pudding said...

Great post! I'm on Those Bones are not my Child by Toni Cade Bambara right now. I love the new look by the way!

Christielove said...

I know I'm going to love your blog. I can't believe I haven't written a post like this yet. I remember when I moved to Philly and I got my new library card I was so happy for the next week or so. I would LOVE to go book shopping in your house like I know I would come home happy.

I find the greatest books at Dollar Tree, they always have the thick heavy books that are suppose to be $30.00.