Tuesday, July 6, 2010

flow list: segmento 1

nspired by Apricot Tea's "Link Love Friday's", I've decided to start the "Flow List." Things that I adore will be posted every Tuesday (my favorite day of the week.)

1) the sound of Jesse Boykin's voice:

2) shows that make me cry & laugh:

Right now.....this show happens to be "Cold Case." I'm obsessed with the re-runs on TNT. Also, I've started to watch "Hung" too.....INTERESTING storyline. Hehe.

3) This Lupe Fiasco Gig Poster from Bombfest 2010. Yes, I collect gigposters. Don't judge me. & no I won't tell you where it is b/c they only have a few left & I haven't bought mine. (As if the hackers won't just trace the image URL. Hmmpph.)

4) Bernice L. McFadden's extraordinary article in the Washington Post.

5) The Sharpie Blog: AWESOMENESS!!!

6) Lauryn Hill's return & those that adore her.

7) The RIVAFLOWZ logo. Created by SeantheROBOT.


1 comment:

Lyrik Marie said...

dope logo !!!!

& i am a Lauryn Hill MANIAC !!!!!!