Monday, August 9, 2010

aspects of me (you).

For as long as I can remember I've always had a writing/thinking space:

Age 3: The small desk at the foot of my bed with the black and white portable TV I was fascinated with.
Age 6: The huge extra walk-in closet in my parents bedroom they'd left empty just for me to play in, in the biggest house I'd ever lived in.
Age 9: Dad's Avenue J Brooklyn study, when he wasn't home to use it.
Age 13: The slanted roof of our second floor while watching the sunset.
Age 18: The waterfront at Hampton University after dinner in the cafeteria.
Age 22: A small corner of my bedroom and anywhere that allows serenity with chaos and confusion worth writing about nearby.

That being said...

I recently went to a friends house for the first time and was surprised by how vast her room was. She lives in the attic of her mothers home and indulges in a studio-like all white area everyday. But, what surprised me even more was the make-up of her room. Although she was an extremely eccentric and outgoing person; her living space wasn't reflective of it. She had all white sheets, a journal on her all white nightstand, a closed closet, and white carpet that covered the huge empty spaces. I stated, "I guess you haven't unpacked yet." We both just graduated from the same university. She said, "No, I actually just prefer to keep it simple. I mean, I've always wanted to show my taste within my room, but my mom is a beige and white kind of person. This is her house so, that's how it's going to stay." I could definitely respect that.

Coming home to my own living area, I smiled at how many pieces of ME were scattered everywhere. Upon entrance anyone with intuition could pick up on the fact that I was a writer, bookworm, lover of the arts, and a tad messy. I sat down on my bed and realized that if my individuality was restricted in anyway I would be sick to my stomach. Better yet, I couldn't WRITE in an area that didn't reflect a part of me. You'll be surprised how many elements of yourself you will find in the place that writing feels most comfortable.

One of my favorite bloggers @_apricottea frequently gives glances into her apartment (which seems to be one of her sources of inspiration) and I decided, that I wanted to do the same. Here are some peeks at my getaway (bedroom/living room) & all the things that make me...well....ME:

Accessory Lover w/ an affinity for elephants.
+Dangle much?

+I indulge in acrylics, bristles, and canvass when all is right within my world. #rareevent


History Buff. Bookworm. Book-a-holic.
Mild Case of Attention Deficit.
+I have a horrendous habit of collecting books that take me eons to read. That's only one of my shelves & I've only read two-thirds of it, yet I have fresh Barnes & Noble plastic bags in my garbage can.
+The second to last photo in this segment shows the last two books I picked up, while the last photo pictures the Ménage à Trois of fiction I have yet to finish. Oh yeah...the Ikea catalog for me is equivalent to men and Victoria Secret catalogs.

Writer. Hip Hop Reviewer. Lupe Enthusiast.
+These pictures are fragments of my writing area. I'm a journal fiend. Fact. Hip Hop Junkie. Literally. I renew the madness that is my bulletin board every year. This year features flyers/images of Kalae All Day, YC the Cynic, Janelle Monae, Lupe's "The Cool" Album, open mic invites, Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival paraphernalia, and a poem or two. Don't mind the mad scribbling on the desk....I get distracted often.

Life Giver. Ponderer.
Decadent on the outside & Soft on the Inside.
+The mural on my door--the most recent addition to my door--is priceless to me. The quote underneath the roots reads, "A people without knowledge of their past history, origins, or culture; is like a tree without roots."
-Marcus Garvey-

+Nuff' Said.


I'd love to know where your writing space is. What's reflective of you, inside of it?


Little Miss Knobody said...

I've been wanting to do a post like this. The ikea catalog is definitely like porn to me! It's also good to know that I'm not the only who scribbles and draws on my desk. Your writing area is unique and very reflective of your personality as it should be. It's very important that an artist's space be reflective of his/her work as well. You've clearly mastered that. I love the mural on the door and the quote beneath it. Dope Post as always Riv :)

nathaniel.a.marshall said...

I love writing on the train in Chicago. which is obviously reflective. Also I tend to type on my computer while in bed. Random story: when I first starting writing prose I couldn't write unless I was naked so I would write at like 1 AM at a desk in an empty room with nothing on. I don't know what that says about me...

I'm at a point now where I feel like I can write anywhere. I think my zone is much more mental than physical now.

Lyrik Marie said...

i fuckin LOVEEEEEEee the ikea catalog .. i circle all the shit i want in my future apartment !!


& you know this already ..

u are the DEFINITION of creative EXPRESSION!

i love this post & each and every one of your other post !

Christielove said...

I really love this post, its amazing how much your room speaks volumes. With my bedroom I was always the one stuck in a space so I had to make due with what I had. I change my room every 3-6 months which cold heartedly represents me. Forever changing and shifting. I'm a Gemini so it all makes sense. I must tend to all parts of me. I can't go anywhere without coming home with a book, free books, books for a $1.00, books I steal from my sister. I have to have them.
Lovely post doll.