Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This is a poem I wrote a few years back and just got around to editing. Sometimes I go through my old work and have to ask myself, "I wrote this?" (Btw, that can be good/bad.)

She wore pearls draped from her neck

Her boyfriend bought her

Louis Vutton on her shoulder

Prada’s on her feet

His evaporated kisses collided with

Mascara and tears on her cheeks

He dumped her today

Told her “You’re too good for me”

An excuse she’d never understood until now

You see when she met him

He had chocolate skin

Chocolate eyes

Chocolate lips

Candied kiss

The baggy jeans

Bling on his wrist

Money rolled crisp

Or the project in which he lived

Had never mattered much to her

Never occurred

That he could be a hustler

Or smutting her

And that “excuse me sir?”

Had him captivated

Before her lips formed the e

She said, “I don’t know where I’m going, can you help me please?”

And he replied, “Walk 2 blocks east, make left on that street, my cribs the blue apartment building, meet me there at three.”

And this was how it started

Good girl versus thug

12 rounds, She’s a K.O.

They fall in love

Unprepared no

Boxing gloves

There were battles

They fought for normalcy

She fighting for "that negro is no good"

He warring for "shorty is TOO good"

Love is simple between them

Resembling good things

Like flipping over Cherry Marino’s Icees

To savor the bottom extra frozen part first

Quarter waters

And sidewalks

Red tongues

Drinking 250 calorie soda C&C's

Through sour power straws

3pm meetings

Turn bodegas

To bedrooms

Suck face turns lethal

They love hard


In the middle of lip lock

She bats off butterflies

Stomach queasy

Heart racing

While he stops


Realizing she won’t be here forever

This feeling won’t last

She’ll be in school soon

He’s missed too many days to catch up

She only has that much free time to stay in love

Arguments Thunder

Quiet space between them

Turns eye of the storm

She posing, “Why not?”

He posing, “Why now?”

She had so much ahead of her

Too much light in his darkness

The cocaine in his pockets pure like her intentions

Corner where they met, his soon to be resting place

He wanted more for her smile

More for her mind

As he watched her back drift away

Leaving him behind

Wearing those same pearls from her neck

He'd bought her

Louis Vutton on her shoulder

Prada’s on her feet

His evaporated kisses collided with

Mascara and tears on her cheeks

He runs

She hears footsteps near her

She turns

Rubbing eyes to make

The sight of him coming towards her clearer

He pulled her close

Pulling his fingers through her hair

She's screaming,

“It doesn’t matter what you are,

I don’t care.”

As the city sounds

Embraced their sniffling

Pulling her away from him

He replied, “You're gonna have the world baby,

for you I want nothing less.”

As a car rolled by,

Window rolled down slowly

A bullet marked for him

Went straight through his heart

and into her chest.



Danielle Renee said...

I love it!! You have such a great perspective on the struggles of both parties in the relationship. Such an unbiased lense on the choices in life of both lifestyles. This poem made me feel warm.

T. ODIS said...

Riv, amamzing metaphors from a while back...sad ending. Yet the picture painted is beautiful nonetheless.

Anonymous said... are one of the best at telling a story, flat out! Your words are moving pictures.

riva. said...

Three of my favorite people commented today. That means the world to truly does. ;-)


Veronica said...

Love it!!!

dparrish2003 said...

I love that you finally finish this! I still tend to love the guy's perspective. You're always encouraging my to write a better stories by stories like this!