Monday, November 29, 2010


She walks into the laundromat, an air of ditz lodged into her throat, she breathes, "Do they sell soap here?"

I point to the highly visible vending machine adorned in detergent and bleach logos. She would've seen them had she strode more than two steps into the place. She trembles as if she is nervous, a fake smile plastered to her face.

The minority attendant approaches her, drawn to her air of confusion. "Can I help you?" She grits her teeth as she says this, still clearly peeved by the red head who'd lectured her on speaking better English, ten minutes prior.

The lost woman with the red jacket, stained jet black comforter, draped over her arm speaks, "I need soap. I forgot mine at home. How much will I need for this one article?"

Fumbling with her quarters, she places them awkwardly into a strange slot. I wonder if her lover--who helped to soil her sheets--felt the same way last night.

"Where do I put the soap in?," she asks.

The attendant sighs and waves a small finger to the instructions on the machine. The cougar draped in red stuffed the comforter inside the foreign contraption and poked the remaining dangling piece disgustingly, as if it didn't help to blanket her sins.

The machine clicks and the orange bulb illuminates. A look of relief simultaneously crosses her face. She asks, "How long will it take?

The annoyed attendant yells from her post in the back, "Thirty-five minutes!"

The jet black haired, comforter coveter leaves and smirks at the time increment she knows all too well. Fifteen minutes later she reenters. After drying her beloved fabric, she shoves it into a garbage bag and slings it over her shoulder. Upon her exit the attendant paces and grumbles inaudibly under her breath. From the latter, I seemed to make out the "F" word.

I nodded in agreement, for I'm sure our now mutual friend would be doing just that.



Unknown said...

Um I need more please!!!! This is good stuff!

Charles Hamilton said...

"It's the strangest feeling... when the chips are down... you kinda lose all feeling... your head goes 'round and 'round..."

Lyrik Marie said...

She just finished "celebrating" ...

Very detailed & descriptive ... I though this was one of your analogical writtens ... But I was wrong .. Very interesting scenario Riva !!